Raise Your Vibration and End Negative Contact

(C) Kathleen Marden 2022


     An epidemic of negative entity attachments has recently been brought to my attention. I am aware that they can easily jump to one person to another and are difficult to purge from the body and aura.

     They feed off fear, hatred, disgust, and the negative feelings that are common in our range of human emotions. These interdimensional predators have attached themselves to lightworkers and experiencers of ET contact. If you are an empath, you are particularly at risk. I had interpreted them as demonic beings, but I was recently informed that they are highly negative interdimensional entities from the astral realm, and are considered to be extraterrestrials. Additionally, they have underground bases on our planet.

How to recognize a negative entity attachment

     You might have a physical sensation that your positive energy is being drained from your body. It will be replaced immediately, by the feeling that a dark cloud is looming over you. You will immediately begin to have sleep disturbances. Your body will ache and you will feel unwell. As this predator invades, you will undergo a personality or behavioral alteration. For example, if you are a happy, kind, and compassionate person, you might uncharacteristically become cynical and use profanity. As it grows, it will begin to speak to you or send telepathic messages to you. The messages will encourage you to harm yourself or someone else.

     It will eventually produce poltergeist activity in your home and you might see solid blue orbs that will dive at you or family members. When they touch you, they will produce a burn on your flesh. (These are not the typical light orbs that experiencers witness in their homes.) They are solid and manufactured to cause harm. You will see dark, shadowy figures over your bed at night. Eventually, the Reptilian might materialize in front of you.

     As time progresses, they will take you to their underground bases where you will be abused or raped. You will see them as handsome humans, but they will shape-shift into Draconian Reptilians. You will believe that you have been abducted by malevolent ETs.

How do they attach to you?

     Let’s talk about how they can attach to you. Here is a list of ways:

  • You might be in close contact with a person who has an attachment.
  • You might talk to someone who will lower your vibration by giving you information that causes you to feel fearful or in a state of terror.
  • You might be enticed to consume excessive quantities of alcohol.
  • You might be experiencing physical or mental pain.
  • You might feel depressed.
  • You might be playing video games that involve killing.
  • You might watch horror movies.
  • You might be involved in hateful or negative activities. 
  • They might have come into your environment through an open portal.
  • They might have targeted you.

How to rid yourself of them

     Sometimes ETs open portals into experiencer's homes or bodies and fail to close them. When this occurs, all sorts of interdimensional entities can enter. They might generate fear in the affected person. This sense of fear will attract dark entities because it is the food they need to expand and take control. The experiencer must follow a regular healing routine until the dark entity has left. I have developeda process that has worked for several experiencers who suffered from this problem. It is founded in the idea that dark entities cannot attach to higher frequencies. The experiencer can rid herself/himself of lower vibrating entities by meditating to these guided meditations once or twice a day. Make it part of your daily routine until they are gone. If they return, begin this process again.

     Here are three suggestions but YouTube has many more.





     Additionally, listen to frequency raising tones every night while you sleep. Here are some suggested links:





     The best way to rid yourself of these pests is to recognize them for what they are. They can grow through any of the above listed activities or emotions. They feed on negativity. You will need to take the following steps to clear them:

  • Raise your vibrational frequency by listening to higher frequency music on YouTube.
  • Take part in frequency elevating guided meditations on YouTube.
  • Do chakra meditations daily. (See my meditation below.)
  • Go outside and send love to the flora and fauna.
  • Do the same thing in your home and with your loved ones.
  • If you are doing any of the things that allow them to attach to you, stop it.
  • You must fill yourself with love and white light.

     Do all these things and do them daily. These entities are powerful and attach to people like a virus.

A frequency raising meditation

     Lie down, relax and take in 3-4 nice breaths of air through your nose. Hold the breath to the count of five and release it slowly to the count of 6 or 7. As you do this, feel your body begin to relax.

     Now imagine a beautiful thread of white light spiraling down from the divine. (If you are an atheist, it will come from the highest intelligence.) Let it enter your body through the top of your head and expand out into all the cells in this part of your body. Repeat this with each chakra (crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root). Carry any energy that is not at the highest frequency down as you move through the chakras. Now let it be carried out of your body through the soles of your feet where it will be transformed into positive energy.

     In the morning, let it spiral down into sacred Mother Earth. Now move sacred earth energy up into your body to ground you. Continue up to the top of your head, stopping at each chakra.

     Repeat this meditation when you go to bed at night. Nothing can harm you as long as you are filled with divine light. For extra protection, imagine a beautiful, iridescent bubble is forming around your body. Now fill it with sacred or divine light. Know that you are loved and can project love to others.