E.T. Contact: What Experiencers Know

© Kathleen Marden

     Over the past 65 years, thousands of people from around the world have observed craft performing maneuvers beyond the technical capability of any nation on Earth. They have described craft that can accelerate at rates that would crush the human body, move at extreme angles, and stop on a dime. The craft seemingly expand and contract in ways that defy our current physical laws. Witnesses, whose testimony on any other topic would be accepted without question, swear that they have observed non-human entities looking down at them from hovering and landed unconventional craft. Are these mass hallucinations among people whose judgment on any other topic is beyond reproach, as skeptics contend? Has human perception suddenly become so distorted that we can no longer trust that our careful observations are accurate? Have we been so brainwashed by the cultural media that our minds perceive objects that are not there? Is the silent, hovering vehicle, only 300 feet in the distance, in reality a commercial airliner at 10,000 feet, as skeptics would have us believe? Or should we give more credit to the thousands of observers from around the world who have observed unconventional craft and non human entities? In my opinion, we should never to allow a skeptic to stand in your path to the truth. You know what you experienced and you are entitled to be treated respectfully. The skeptic wasn't there. He or she didn't stand in your shoes.

 Our History of E.T. Contact

     One can state optimistically that, so far, we have not been visited by extraterrestrial predatory species intent upon conquering and colonizing Earth. Pessimists, on the other hand, wonder if an invasion is imminent or already covertly underway. Thousands of people have reported the observation of structured craft that maneuver beyond our technological capability or that of any other nation. They appear to have overcome inertia and have their own gravitational field. Non-human figures have been observed both on the craft and on the ground. Sometimes they appear to be collecting samples of our flora and fauna. They take samples of our wildlife and drop dead carcasses, with highly unusual properties, to the ground. They have been observed entering our oceans and rising from them into the air, departing vertically toward space. Thousands contend they have been kidnapped by non-humans in association with these craft and returned to their natural environment. Others claim that they've had a lifetime of friendly contact. 

     Who can give us the most insight into the alien agenda? We have been conditioned to accept authoritative claims by reputable scientists. Yet many of these claims have impeded scientific progress. Science Was Wrong, my 2010 book with Stanton T. Friedman, cites numerous examples of cures, theories and inventions that were declared impossible by well educated, highly respected mainstream scientists who were wrong. Yet many other scientists are stepping forward, sometimes covertly due to their fear of professional demise, in an attempt to solve this most important mystery. It is indeed unfortunate that intellectual freedom does not extend to ET phenomena. 

     We know that some scientists have made proclamations of impossibility with regard to ET visitation, as have magicians and nay-saying writers. Often, we discover that they belong to a small, vocal group of debunkers whose members have historically attempted to destroy the credibility of UFO and ET contact witnesses. Only a crashed disk and the dead bodies of non-human entities will satisfy them. Government documents and the eye witness testimony of dozens of witnesses is not enough. My question is “Is it prudent to consume ourselves in a witch hunt aimed at destroying the credibility of those who claim to have had ET contact? Or to discredit witnesses because some people have experienced sleep related hallucinations or out of body experiences?” There is scientific evidence that some people are fantasy prone, but that does not mean that everyone with a memory of alien abduction is. There are many shades of gray. Thousands among the Earth’s populace have reported observing and experiencing contact with nonhuman entities. This is no longer a isolated incident. The history of science has shown us that, over time, fringe science has transitioned from the precipice of impropriety to the arena of scientific respectability. 

     Certainly not all witnesses can provide equally credible information. Some have conscious, continuous memories of abduction and evidence that it was a physically real experience. Others recall only fragments of a contact experience that seemed dreamlike or similar to an out of body experience. Some have retrieved information through hypnosis, while others have only dreamed it. It is a boiling cauldron of information and misinformation, but out of it we can identify recurring themes and little known commonalities that might give us insight into this most perplexing situation.

     I and many others have accepted the challenge and put our reputations on the line in search of a higher truth. Hundreds of individuals claiming contact with non-human entities have bestowed upon me the gift of knowledge, to the best of their ability, given the complexities of the situation. I have learned that our visitors rarely interact with humans during the light of day. They don’t knock on our doors or request an interview. Nor do they seek volunteers to participate in their experiments. Their visits generally occur under the cover of darkness and often when we are asleep. They might have begun with an initial contact in an isolated area. People going about their business were snatched from lonely roads or deep forests. Once they had been contacted, they were in all probability revisited in their own homes and transported to an alien environment. If they had children, they too might have been taken.

     Human subjects almost always report having been immobilized and rendered into an altered state of consciousness. These non-humans have not openly recruited human subjects for medical experiments or requested consent from the individuals they have visited. Experiencers report that these non-human entities treat them like an inferior species, behaving like scientists whose ethical values allow for experimentation, without consent. Some humans are favored by their captors and might be assigned special responsibilities. They might calm the fears of other human subjects or assist in procuring other family members. Some are shown images of impending disasters on Earth through visual images presented on a screen, as a vision, or a hologram. In some cases, they are shown what appears to be a dying planet, possibly their own. Information is downloaded to the human subject warning of an environmental disaster. Cautionary statements are made about nuclear disasters. Humans are informed that we have not been good stewards of our planet. There is seldom a mutual exchange of ideas. However, a small percentage of humans are favored by the ETs and receive information about their planet, culture, history, and goals.

UFO Abduction Experiencer Survey Results

     In 2012, Denise Stoner, an experiencer and long time UFO and ET contact investigator, and I discussed the importance of obtaining quantitative documentation of the characteristics that experiencers have in common. So much of our prior knowledge amounted to the subjective interpretation of experiencer recall. We humans tend to funnel anecdotal information through our personal experiences and interpret it subjectively. This leads to a biased interpretation of the evidence that might not be objectively accurate. In an effort to quantify commonalities among the ET contact population, we designed and distributed two questionnaires to self-identified experiencers. Our study was advertised in the MUFON UFO Journal, in radio interviews, and on several websites. The “UFO Abduction Experiencer Questionnaire” listed 45 multiple choice questions pertaining to abduction experiencer’s demographics, abduction memories, psi phenomena experiences, and physiological responses. In order to add to our data base, I designed an “Abduction Experiencer E.T. Technology Survey,” with 16 multiple choice and fill-in questions.We were attempting to identify little known commonalities among experiencers. (*There was an immediate backlash by contactees who insisted that their experiences were positive. Since that time, I have referred to individuals claiming ET contact as “experiencers”, not "abductees". Experiencers are often very clear on whether or not they have been abducted ) 

     Seventy five volunteers participated in our study. Some participants have names well known in the UFO field, whereas others had not reported their experiences to an investigative group. Regardless of their notoriety, for this study their identities will remain anonymous. Fifty claimed to have been contacted by non-human entities, presumably from outside Earth’s atmosphere, and twenty five served as a control group that denied ever having been contacted by ETs. We wanted to ascertain that commonalities among experiencers were not prevalent in the general population. (They were not.) Several participants contacted us with additional information that was very helpful indeed.

     We asked each group to identify the size of the city or town in which they reside. A survey of the relevant literature indicated that more UFOs were sighted in less populated areas than in large cities in the 1960’s and 70’s. Also, the majority of well investigated, famous abduction cases (Villas Boas, Hill, Walton, Buff Ledge, Casey CO., etc.), took place in rural areas. Yet the late Budd Hopkins wrote of alien abduction in New York City.  We wanted to test whether or not a trend could be established.

     The Experiencer group’s area of residence was fairly evenly divided among experiencers, with 30% residing in a rural area, 26% in small towns, 26% in suburbs, and 18% in an urban area. 12% of the NAE group resides in a rural area, 20% in a small town, 48% in the suburbs and 20% in an urban area. These statistics indicate that no trend could be established. Slightly more experiencers (12%) are taken from a rural environment than from an urban area. But the difference is not statistically significant.

     The experiencer group fell into several separate categories. *(percentiles are rounded off.) 88% stated that their memories were consciously recalled; 56% had dreams of ET contact; 36% recalled information through hypnosis; 16% through other means, such as flashbacks. 67% stated that they consciously recalled (not with hypnosis), the observation of an unconventional craft at less than 1000 feet prior to an abduction. This was a significant finding. It caused me to wonder if the participants in my study were different than the norm. 56% stated that they consciously recalled (not with hypnosis), the observation of non-human entities immediately prior to an abduction while they were outside their home. This is another elevated statistic indicating that I was receiving information from a special group. A significant percentage of the participants in this study met the criteria for having experienced a real abduction. The criteria for this is conscious, continuous recall of a close encounter with a UFO and missing time. 76% indicated that they were not alone when they were taken. 62% of the witnesses had conscious recall for at least part of the experience.  43% stated that witnesses reported the observation of a UFO near their house, vehicle, tent, etc. prior to or during their abduction. 58% stated that they are aware of having been examined on an alien craft.

     40 of 50 experiencers reported a history of emotional stability both as adults and children. An elevated level of the “sad” group reported that they had been the victims of childhood abuse. Their feelings of sadness and their mood swings have persisted throughout their lifetime. This group was more likely to report abuse by their ET captors. Additionally, those who reported traumatic memories of being abused by ETs are more likely to feel sad as adults.

     26 of 50 experiencers reported fear as an overriding emotional response to their experiences. Yet 11 stated that their experiences were pleasurable. The fearful group used one or more coping mechanisms to deal with their fear or anxiety including, talking with a supportive, non-judgmental person, meditation or relaxation exercises, prayer, and writing about their experiences. 

     74% of the experiencers had difficulty falling asleep and 71% had difficulty remaining asleep. 7 of the 8 people (16%) who indicated that they sleep well throughout the night attributed it to overcoming their fear of abduction. This is a very small percentage, but it might be an indicator that the loss of fear improves sleep quality. 

     Experiencers consistently report being transported through solid surfaces, telepathic communication, light orbs that expand into non-human entities, poltergeist activity in their homes (soon after a contact experience), and new psychic abilities. 88% reported that they had witnessed paranormal activity in their homes, such as poltergeist activity and light orbs floating or darting through the air. I began to wonder if this poltergeist activity was somehow related to reports of electromagnetic anomalies around experiencers soon after contact with ETs. 68% of the experiencers reported malfunctions of electrical equipment, such as computers, watches, appliances, radios, televisions, cameras and compasses. Some reported that light bulbs blow out or blink off and on and the hands on their watches spin. One participant stated that the time clock at his place of employment malfunctions only for him and only after a contact experience has occurred. Sometimes street lights blink out when they drive or walk under them.

     To answer this question, Denise and I have begun experiments to determine whether or not there are strong electrical or electromagnetic fields around the bodies of experiencers immediately after contact. We used a TriField Natural EM Meter and measured the ambient environment, the experiencer’s body within 4 days of the event, and the bodies of control subjects. To date we have measured significantly elevated electrical fields around the bodies of 5 experiencers that were not present in the ambient environment or on control subjects that were measured at the same time. The sample size is too small to assert that this is conclusive evidence, but we found it interesting. Denise and I will continue our research and hope that others will join us and give us feedback.

     51% reported that their paranormal activity occurred for the first time after their first contact experience. 89% reported that they had received telepathic messages from their visitors and that it was the primary form of communication on the craft. 72% stated that they are more sensitive or intuitive than they were prior to contact. 79% stated that they developed new psychic abilities after a contact experience. One person reported that they have always been psychic and another noted that his or her psychic abilities increased.

     50% noted that they were able to heal others for at least a short period following an abduction experience. This gift persisted for an extended period of time for some of the participants, but not for others. 2% mentioned that they had always been healers.

     On a less positive note, there was an elevated level of chronic fatigue syndrome or chronic mononucleosis in the experiencer group. 38% of the participants in our study have a CFIDS or RM diagnosis, whereas less than 1% of the US population has this diagnosis. This is a highly significant finding. Reports of such a high rate of CFIDS among abduction experiencers should be taken seriously by the medical community. One has to wonder if exposure to an alien environment is causing illness among humans. Are the ET’s experiments passing this syndrome to experiencers? Is it related to the sunburn that some experiencers notice when they arrive home? Could it be caused by the alien technology that allows the transfer of a human body through a solid structure? Is it an adrenal response caused by one’s persistent fear of abduction?  Is it the result of a sleep disorder? If ET contact were taken seriously perhaps we'd already have answers to some of these questions. 

     83% had awoken with unexplained marks on their bodies that did not conform to standard bruising or scratch marks. Long, thin bruises were most often found on women’s calves, thighs or buttocks, suggesting finger mark impressions. Patterned bruises were found on the upper arm, as if the experiencer had been grasped tightly on each side. Scoop marks were reported on arms, ankles, behind knees, or on feet. Burn marks were on upper backs and sunburn like rashes were reported, sometimes on the entire body. Several participants mentioned plastic-like filaments, the size of a strand of hair, coming from various locations on their bodies; similar to what is found in Morgellons disease. 

     69% of the female experience group stated that they had experienced gynecological problems that they thought were related to their abduction experiences. One reported that her vaginal wall had been punctured. Another’s labia minora and sacroiliac had been injured. In 2010, a woman presented photographic evidence to me showing that her labia minora had been precisely severed in what she stated were two separate abductions. Her medical reports revealed no evidence that they had been surgically excised by a plastic surgeon. Her physician wrote that they had atrophied. The late Budd Hopkins reported to me that he had a similar case. One female respondent reported to me that although she is not sexually active, she contracted a venereal disease during an abduction experience. Another reported that her hysterectomy was the direct result of damage caused by her treatment by non-human entities.

     A second survey, The "ET Technology Questionnaire" provided anecdotal information from thirty volunteers who claimed to have detailed memories of the craft’s interior, technological devices, and interaction with the non-humans in an alien environment. I did not ask multiple choice questions, due to my concern about offering leading suggestions. Although our technology sample is too small (30)  to be considered scientifically reliable, the responses provided some interesting information. Several participants reported the same unique details that had not been publicized by other researchers.

     Of the thirty respondents to the “ET Technology Survey”, 63% reported that they had been taken from an external environment (outside) at least one time, and their home, whereas only 33% stated that they had been taken exclusively from their home. One respondent reported being taken from a vehicle only.

     I inquired about the bodily sensations they experienced when they were transported from their  location to the craft. The procurement scenario was described as follows: The experiencer heard a ringing tone similar to tinnitus in their ears, followed by a tingling sensation, paralysis, lightness and rapid movement. Four reported that they experienced pain during this process, as if their essence was being deconstructed and then reconstructed when they reached the craft. Three mentioned bright light, whereas two spoke of only blackness. 26 of 30 stated that, although they might have initially felt fearful, they experienced calmness and familiarity during their time in an alien environment. 

     3 of 30 stated that a technological device was used to control their behavior. The other 27 stated that they had not observed a device. There was no similarity in the devices mentioned in the “yes” responses. A light, a magnetic field, and an electric shock were mentioned. All three of the respondents who stated that a technological device was used to control their behavior indicated that they did not believe they have been physically taken to a craft. One reported that a force field held him in place. Another stated a device was used to control large groups of humans, mostly through mind control. One experiencer reported he had studied mind control and hypnosis and was able to break the spell and rise up. He said ETs reaction was one of confusion, as if they did not know what to do. They seemed to have a hive mentality and moved away from him. 

     Communication came in the form of telepathy for all except one experiencer. He stated that there was no communication whatsoever. Six stated that they also heard voices. Apocalyptic scenes of war, famine, floods and other destructive earth changes were viewed on screens, either as holographic images or as visions in the experiencer’s mind. Of those who stated they’d been shown holographic images, many were confused as to whether or not it was an image formed in the experiencer’s mind or an actual holographic image. Two reported holographic images that elicited an emotional response from the experiencer. One was shown an image of his deceased father as if he were alive, and on another occasion, his dog. A woman was shown her daughter lying dead on the floor and was informed by the ETs that she was responsible for her death. This image evoked a very strong emotional response. The others did not mention the content of the images, but one trend came through loud and clear. It appears that the ETs are interested in human emotional responses, both positive and negative. 

     19 experiencers thought they had been transported outside Earth’s atmosphere.

     4 reported that they were transported in a type of thick gel-like substance.         Only 1 of 30 felt that an interdimensional door had opened. This individual had very little memory of his experiences aboard the craft and might have been reporting what he'd heard elsewhere. Eight mentioned that they observed Earth below or planets/stars.

     10 stated they had been given knowledge of the craft’s propulsion or operational system. Respondents spoke of resonant quantum field manipulation, nuclear/light fusion, the craft's ability to create its own gravitational field, and bio-mechanical structures inside the craft. One person stated that the Greys gather light energy through collectors and harness it for anti-gravity. They use electromagnetic grids to navigate on our planet. Water and another chemical are mixed for fuel. The ratios are mixed differently for the different types of travel through space. They pass through glicks in the continuum by bending light and time. 

     Procedures performed on the craft, in addition to those that evoked strong emotional responses, were described as procedures that resulted in healing, nonsexual and reproductive tissue extraction, and the insertion of thin metal rods into experiencer’s bodies. Only one experiencer mentioned sexual activity with other humans and hybrids. 

     I asked experiencers to describe the ETs that had contacted them.

  • Twenty one stated they had interacted with tall Greys approximately 4.5 to 5 feet tall.
  • Eighteen had observed short Greys approximately 3-4 feet tall, primarily working as assistants to the taller Greys.
  • Eleven reported contact with Reptilians.
  • Five stated that they’d interacted with tall blonde or brunette Nordic human types.
  • Two observed the Nordics working with the Greys.
  • An additional five experiencers stated that they’d observed hybrids on a craft. Ten stated that they’d observed Greys and Reptilians in the same alien environment.
  • Three stated that they’d observed both Reptilians and Insectoids. 
  • Six reported that Greys and Insectoids were working together during their visitations.
  • Seven experiencers reported contact with five or more ET types. This group spoke of beings that are reported less frequently, such as dark hooded entities, tall goldens, baby Sasquatches, stout blues, tall browns, and translucent, glowing figures in human form. These multi ET type reporters provided more detailed responses throughout the questionnaire than the other participants, but there was little consistency among their reports. This caused me to wonder if they are highly imaginative types or if their observations were real. 

The Shocking Realization that Something is Not Right

     Jennie and Doug Henderson, two experiencers whose events are detailed in my book with Denise Stoner The Alien Abduction Files, had attended a UFO conference in America's heartland. Their return trip was marred by severe thunderstorms, which caused excessive delays in flights to the East. It was late in the evening when Doug pulled his Ford Bronco into their driveway. Feeling tired, Jennie went directly to the bedroom to unpack her suitcase and prepare for bed. She turned on her alarm clock and laid out her nightgown. Her thoughts were focused upon picking her children up from her parent’s house in the morning, and seeing them off to school. Doug lingered behind in the family room, standing in front of the television set, taking in the late night news and weather report. Without explanation, their next immediate memory was of waking up in bed under bizarre circumstances.

     The lights were still on, and the television has emitting a signal indicating that it was off the air. Jennie attempted to rise up from the bed, but found herself tucked in so tightly that she could not move. Doug had to free her from the clutches of her blankets. Both were astonished when they realized that they were fully dressed. Jennie was wearing her beige suit. Her pumps were still on her feet, and her jacket was fastened around her. Doug was still wearing his jeans and oxford shirt. They quickly undressed, and Jennie turned off the lights and television set. She was alarmed, but Doug persuaded her to disregard the perplexing situation, and return to bed. Soon they drifted off into a deep sleep. The following morning Jennie’s memory was sharp, but her husband had only a vague remembrance of the unsettling event. A tingling sensation and paralysis swept up Jennie's body. Her next memory was of moving swiftly through a closed window. She was then taken aboard a hovering, disk shaped craft. Procedures were carried out and she was returned to her home.

     85% of the respondents who completed my “E.T. Technology Questionnaire”,  a phase 2 follow up to "The Marden Stoner Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers Questionnaire,"  stated that they had been transported through a solid object such as a wall, window, or roof. Some of my questions were open ended, such as "What bodily sensations did you experience when you were transported from your location to the craft?" Responses included sensations of tingling, vibration and lightness and swift movement to a waiting craft. Many were initially gripped with a feeling of terror, but soon found themselves sensing calmness and familiarity when they arrived aboard the craft. Jennie’s hypnosis session provides a good example of the sensations that an abduction experiencer feels during procurement. She and her husband were awoken by their dogs ferocious barking. Suddenly it ceased and figures moved swiftly into their bedroom. Her husband rose in a defensive stance, but in a smooth movement was returned to his bed.

ET Types

     My 26 (now 33) years of research and investigation has led me to conclude that unless thousands of people have suddenly developed a delusional disorder, we are indeed being visited by non-human entities. Some are described as dense sentient beings, whereas others appear as shape shifting, translucent entities that phase in and out of our 3 dimensional reality. A spectrum of behavioral characteristics described by those who have observed them runs the gamut from benevolent visitors with altruistic goals to malevolent entities that show little or no consideration for humans. There have even been a few reports of human mutilation, allegedly at the hand of malevolent ETs. However, the vast majority of experiencers report contact with seemingly sentient beings that are sometimes seen working together cooperatively. The most frequently described groups on the "ET Technology Questionnaire" are tall and short Greys, Reptilians, Insectoids, Nordics, and Hybrids. The behavioral characteristics of the most common groups and their reported modus operandi will be discussed below.

The Greys

     The most prevalent ET types reported on the questionnaire are short and tall Greys, sometimes called Zetas because some are suspected  to originate from the Zeta Reticuli star system, approximately 39.4 and 39.5 light years from Earth. Several experiencers have reported that several races of Greys are visiting Earth. Some are said to be benevolent, whereas others work in service to less caring entities such as Reptilians or MILAB groups. 

     The short Greys are reported to be about 3.5 to 4.0 feet tall and have large heads and long arms as compared to the human body. Nearly all experiencers report that these hairless beings have large slanted black eyes, no apparent external ear flap, an almost non-existent nose and a thin slit for a mouth. Their skin is gray, white with a gray tint,  or blue-gray, with small elevated bumps, a leathery texture, or is sometimes described as resembling smooth shark skin. They are rarely clothed, but are sometimes seen wearing hooded capes. It appears that their primary functions are to procure human subjects, to act assistants to the taller Greys, to guard humans aboard the craft, and to make sure that humans don’t escape with anything that belongs to them. They seem to work in a subservient role, taking orders from the taller Greys and other entity types observed working with the Greys. Communication is telepathic, if at all.

     The small Greys are enigmatic because, although one would expect them to be highly intelligent, they make mistakes. Some experiencers report having been transported from their beds to the hovering craft upside down. Others awaken with abduction memories only to find their feet on their pillows and their heads securely tucked into the foot of their beds. Some discover that they are dressed in unfamiliar clothing or their own clothing is on inside out or backwards.  

     The short Greys have been described as blending in with the walls in the craft and standing silently in a row along the wall. Their seemingly flat mood and lack of facial expression leads some abduction experiencers to suspect that they are cyborgs—part biological and part mechanical. However, Betty Hill stated that a small Grey reacted strongly when he discovered that she was exiting the craft with a “book” containing alien symbols. It was taken from her. One experiencer told me that he was lying on a table surrounded by short and tall Greys, when he kicked an unsuspecting short one. He stated that its face registered surprise and its mouth moved like a fish struggling for air. He was immediately rendered unconscious. A female experiencer remarked that a short Grey expressed strong disapproval to her display of anger when her infant child was taken from her arms. 

     Like the smaller Greys, the taller ones are said to be telepathic. However, several  experiencers have reported that they use a clicking or buzzing sound when they communicate with one another. Taller Greys are generally reported to be 4.5 to 5 feet tall, although some as tall as 6 feet have been reported. They generally are dressed in tight fitting body suits. Their physical description is nearly identical to their smaller counterparts, with the exception that their eyes and heads are slightly smaller in proportion to their bodies. But some experiencers have reported observing golden irises and vertical pupils similar to cat’s eyes.

     A few experiencers have reported observing serpents or thunderbird symbols on their chests, leading one to suspect that several different groups of Greys are procuring human subjects. Most experiencers believe that the range of human emotion that we experience is absent in the taller Greys, but some have noted emotional responses such as surprise or concern. Many have received messages of love or are advised that they are part of their family. 

     Taller Greys are reported to interact directly with their human subjects. It is often reported that one being, whom I will call a “personal escort,” establishes a long-term relationship with his human contact and behaves toward him or her in a manner similar to our treatment of pets or favorite laboratory animals. An examiner extracts semen and ova, and inserts tubes or long thin instruments into the human body, sometimes causing pain, while the personal escort calms the human and assists in eliminating the pain.

     When the physical examination has come to an end, a lesson is sometimes the next thing on the ETs' agenda. The human subject might observe images on a screen depicting a seemingly dying planet, or devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, or war destruction on planet Earth. 46% of the participants in the “ET Technology Questionnaire” reported that they had observed screens on the craft. Some experiencers are required to memorize symbols or equations that are shown to them on screens. Three stated that they viewed screens on a control panel. 38% reported that they had viewed a holographic image, usually for experiments involving human emotions.

     One witness stated that a holographic image was used to test his emotional reaction to the presence of his deceased stepfather and his dog that were seemingly brought back to life. One distraught abductee informed me that she was shown a holographic image of her child lying dead on the floor. The non-human entities informed her that she was responsible for the girl’s death, probably to elicit a strong emotional reaction from her. Another experiencer was shown an image of her captors showing great concern and affection for her as she was persuaded to drop her negative feelings toward them.

     Many experiencers stated that long thin rods or needles have been inserted into their internal organs, joints and glandular tissue. It is not clear if tissue and fluids are being extracted or if healing measures are taking place. The thymus gland, located in the upper central chest, behind the sternum midway between the top of the heart and the base of the throat, is of special interest, according to several experiencers with whom I have spoken.

     The thymus gland is a specialized organ of the immune system. One of the primary functions of the thymus is to transform white blood cells into T-cells. These cells are then transported to various lymph glands, where they play an important part in fighting infections and disease.A hyperactive thymus causes autoimmune disorders such as Lupus and Graves disease. The loss of regular thymus function significantly increases the risk of infections and cancer.

     It might possibly play a role in Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, sometimes called Chronic or reactivating Mononucleosis. 420 per 100,000 (0042%), of the US population has this diagnosis and 2.5% has CFIDS symptoms. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CFIDS is a devastating disorder characterized by debilitating fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and may be exacerbated by physical or mental activity.  It is characterized by profound exhaustion, problems with concentration and short term memory, flu-like symptoms, fever, night sweats, tender lymph nodes, sore throat and headache. Word finding problems, reading retention difficulties, ambulation difficulty due to balance problems, felling lightheaded and experiencing  and mental fogginess are all symptoms of CFIDS.

     Medical researchers have noted immune, neurological, and endocrine abnormalities in CFIDS sufferers.  25% of sufferers are bedridden and 50% cannot work during flare-ups. CFIDS costs the U.S. about 9.1 billion dollars a year, not counting the cost of healthcare and disability benefits. (3) Reports of such a high rate of CFIDS among abduction experiencers should be taken seriously. But like everything else involving alien abduction, it is ignored by mainstream researchers. *Update: In 2022, the Defense Intelligence Agency released information on the consequences to military and intelligence agency who were injured by their close proximity to craft. The symptoms are similar CFIDS. 

     Returning to the Grey’s examination procedures, throughout the history of contact experiencers have reported that their escort moves very close to them and stares into their eyes. Sometimes there is a powerful message of profound love. Or a mind scan is accomplished in which the abduction experiencers feel that a movie reel is playing at high speed in their minds.  This process might be a method of downloading into or extracting information from the human subject. Many have reported that it can also be accomplished by touching the base of the skull or vertebrae with a device. Several experiencers stated that the ET's method of communication is much faster than our own and telepathic. 

     Several of the experiencers with whom I have had contact have reported experiencing electrical pulses or a tingling sensation coursing through their bodies, while they were in bed or on the examining table. Some have advised me that they were informed telepathically that the entities were attempting to increase their vibrational frequency. Sometimes it is connected to healing. Others speculate that this could facilitate transport through solid surfaces. No one knows for certain what the purpose is.

     Many experiencers have reported that they were immersed in a vat of viscous fluid. Surprisingly they were able to breathe the substance. Sometimes they found themselves being observed by a team of Grey scientists. Some suspect that the fluid has medicinal or nutritional properties, but no one who participated in my study was certain. When they were removed from the substance, it quickly dissipated from their skin or clothing. 

     Large facilities, described by experiencers, are generally used for the Grey aliens’ reproductive experiments. Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs reported, many years ago, that some abductees had observed cylinders containing fetuses that seemed to be floating in a liquid medium. The fetuses were presumably a hybrid mix—part Grey and part human. Some had large, black eyes, whereas others had physical qualities similar to humans. 

     After the infant was born, a bonding exercise between the human mother and the hybrid offspring seemed to be one of the Grey’s priorities. The infant sometimes suckled from the female’s breast while the mother was instructed to embrace her partially human offspring. Abduction experiencers reported being led into rooms filled with alien cradles that held dozens of hybrid infants. Adult hybrids were most frequently reported caring for the children, but one has to question whether or not the Greys realized that human beings required adequate nurturing in order to develop into emotionally healthy children and adults. A brief bonding experience between abductee and child hardly seems adequate. These children, if they are to possess human behavioral characteristics, must have loving supervision, nurturing, and guidance.

     During the war torn years of WW II, the orphans in overcrowded, understaffed institutions developed an emotional condition called reactive detachment disorder. It is characterized by markedly disturbed and developmentally inappropriate interacting in social relationships with others. Early experiences of neglect, frequent changes in caregivers, or unresponsive caregivers cause children to develop abnormally. This leads to difficulties in interpersonal relationships and inappropriate behavior later in life. David Jacobs' books speak of hybrid children and adolescents who exhibit inappropriate behavior. Some have been observed running a muck without social restraint. Some act out sexually in socially unacceptable ways such as masturbating in public or sexually assaulting abductees. But others seem to have received adequate nurturing and socialization.

     Some experiencers feel that protocols for the process of hybridization are shifting from craft based artificial gestational tanks to an Earth based womb birthing process. This would apply only to late stage hybrids. The biological mother would receive a genetically modified fetus that would be born on this planet and live as a human being. One can imagine that this process could facilitate a planned shift in human evolution. But this is highly speculative and is not yet supported by verifiable evidence.


     David Jacobs, PhD, a retired history professor at Temple University and Barbara Lamb, MS, MFT, CHT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified hypnotherapist, and regression therapist from California have been prolific informants about alien hybrids. Since 1991, Barbara has regressed more than 780 suspected abductees in well over 3000 sessions.  David reports on his website that he has conducted more than 1000 hypnotic regressions, often multiple times, with the same individual. Both have acquired detailed information about the Grey’s agenda with regard to reproduction experiments. David now suspects that hybrid beings are in the process of becoming acclimated to life on earth and have set up households in the eastern US. 

     It is interesting that thirty-eight percent of the respondents to my “E.T. Technology Questionnaire” reported that they had encountered hybrid beings—part human and part Grey during an abduction experience. This usually occurred in a large facility where many humans were being examined.

     Jacobs and Lamb have speculated that the hybrid breeding program is the Greys’ desperate attempt to save their species from extinction. The loss of their ability to reproduce may have left them with no viable alternative but to use human genetic material in their reproductive process. Although they may not be genetically compatible with humans, gene manipulation techniques that  have not yet been perfected by our scientists, could make it possible to propagate a modified version of their species, capable of living in Earth’s environment.

     It appears that hybrids are produced in stages. The early stage hybrids are described as physically resembling Grey beings, but also have some human characteristics. They are small and emaciated and highly telepathic like the Greys, and live exclusively in the Grey’s environment.

     Middle stage hybrids are more human in appearance, but have larger eyes and smaller physiques than humans. Their communication is telepathic and they are not able to communicate verbally. Like early stage hybrids, they spend their lives in the Grey’s environment.

     Late stage hybrids are human in appearance and might have been born to human mothers after a hybrid embryo was implanted in a pregnant woman’s womb. Theoretically, the Greys might have implanted an embryo or fetus into her uterus after they had removed her own developing fetus.  Or they might have prepared the mother to accept the embryo in the same manner in which we perform in vitro fertilization, where a fertilized egg is grown in an external medium and transferred to the woman’s uterus.

     Jacobs and Lamb speculate that late stage hybrids are capable of living in our environment. They communicate verbally, and appear entirely human, albeit gifted in many ways. They are said to be highly intelligent, psychic, telepathic, telekinetic, and empathetic. They are highly spiritual beings that do not generally exhibit negative human emotions, such as violence, avarice, and aggression. They possess knowledge that they have not consciously learned. These traits can lead to difficulty in blending in with other children and adults and they may be targeted by bullies. Others have reported to me that the ETs are creating human containers in which they can insert their ET consciousness in order to fully experience life on Planet Earth.  

     I am not aware that any hybrid has ever submitted to genetic testing to prove that he or she is not entirely human. But there is speculation among experiencers concerning the identification of hybrids living among us. Experiencers often speak of looking for hybrids among the crowds at UFO conferences.

Praying Mantis Types

     A uniquely different species of extraterrestrial is frequently observed working with the Greys. It has been described as insectoid in appearance and is therefore referred to as the praying mantis type. Many experiencers have observed tall grey beings (6-7 feet) that closely resemble mantis types and appear to carry out the same functions aboard the craft.

     The praying mantis type is even more frightening to the experiencer than the Greys, due to its grotesque appearance. Its huge insect eyes sit near the top of a tan, greenish, or grayish mottled head and a tiny mouth can be observed very close to its jaw line. No nose, ears or hair are visible. He stands approximately six to seven feet tall. Experiencers  describe him as being  extremely thin with bulbous, arthritic appearing joints. Each hand has a very small palm and three very long fingers and a thumb that are used like pinchers. His head swivels beyond the range of human movement similar to an owl. He is experienced by humans as intense and highly telepathic.

     He appears to be at or near the top of the hierarchical structure, assuming the responsibilities of examining abduction experiencers and giving tours of the craft to selected human favorites. Experiencers report that he sometimes communicates information to them that gives them insight into the craft’s technology. In this sense, he or she is an educator.


     In my opinion, reptilians are more perplexing than any other species observed by experiencers, because I have received more inconsistent information about them than about any other type of being. Some think that Reptilians are interdimensional, whereas others believe they are 3 dimensional and reside in tunnels and bases under the Earth’s surface. Some experiencers report that they have had contact with benevolent Reptilians, whereas others had had experiences that lead the experiencer to believe they are malevolent. 

     Some experiencers report that they have been brutally raped (sometimes gang raped), by Reptilians, sometimes in their own beds while their husbands slept next to them. Others report that they have established loving long term bonds with Reptilian men and women and are anxious to be reincarnated as Reptilian beings. One wonders if they are victims of the Stockholm syndrome, especially because, before the human developed feelings of love and dependence upon the reptilian, there was abject terror and forced sexual relations.

     Some experiencers report that they are shape-shifters who can transform themselves into attractive humans in order to engage in consensual sex. But once penetration has been accomplished they transform into scaly monsters. By Biblical definition, some might be considered demonic.

     Reptilians are described as bipedal creatures standing five to seven feet tall. They have a muscular physique with a broad shoulder mantle. Their brownish to greenish skin is lizard-like and scaly. Some have somewhat dinosaur-like faces with a bony ridge extending from the forehead to the snout. Their eyes have golden irises with vertical pupils. A broad mouth containing teeth for the consumption of meat extends across the lower section of their face just above their jaw. Their webbed, four fingered hands are described as claw-like. Others are more human in appearance, while a third type reportedly has a tail and is draconian in appearance.


     Nordics are described as the most human of the various ET species. Like hybrids, they are said to be highly spiritual, benevolent, loving, compassionate and respectful of nature. These characteristics have caused some abduction researchers to speculate that they are actually late stage hybrids working in concert with gray aliens. They are not only telepathic, but can also converse with humans using spoken language. Contactees report that the Nordics’ agenda is to raise human awareness, promote biodiversity, and advance human rights. They are concerned about our environmental health and peaceful interaction among nations. Their policy of non-interference does not permit direct intervention, but they are said to watch over us much as guardian angels would do. 

     Their physical appearance and behavior is reminiscent of what the contactees of the 1950s claimed to have encountered. They are generally described as being 6-8 feet tall and extremely attractive by Caucasian standards with a Scandinavian appearance, and long hair observed on both men and women. Some wear robes, while others dress in tight fitting bodysuits. Many contactees report that they are visited by these benevolent beings in their dreams or in an astral state. Some individuals contact Nordics through channeling. Many believe they are interdimensional.  

Other Human Types

     Some contactees have described tall figures resembling humans dressed in brocade robes and hats. Some have eyeliner and resemble ancient Egyptians. Clay tablets dating back 240,000 years, tell the story of a Sumerian King that possessed knowledge of an extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki that came to Earth. (The literal translation of Anunnaki is "those who came from the heavens to Earth.")  Enki, the son of the Anunnaki god Anu, created a worker race on earth by genetically modifying the indigenous species with Anunnaki genes. It is Enki that saved humanity by warning a Noah-like figure of the great flood.  But for the purpose of this paper, I will not expand my discussion beyond the most frequently reported extraterrestrial beings.

Angels, Demons and ETs

     Experiencers are beginning to speak openly about the paranormal events in their lives that seem to be related to their contact with other intelligences. These include increased psychic ability, increased telepathy, increased empathy, and sometimes the temporary or permanent ability to heal others. Many report electromagnetic interference immediately following event, such as light bulbs blinking out in succession as they walk near them, appliances blowing out in succession, computer malfunctions, etc. Sometimes doors open and close on their own and objects fly off shelves. Luminous orbs float or dart through experiencers homes and sometimes expand into ETs immediately preceding contact. Sometimes spirit activity such as shadow figures are seen or invisible pets walk over one’s mattress, causing movement. Occasionally, negative entities penetrate the experiencer’s space repeatedly heckling the terrified person. This is the most distressing invasion of an experiencer’s space and often requires intervention by paranormal or religious experts. This is yet one more perplexing aspect of the ET contact phenomenon. None of us has the answers, but many of us are diligently working to attempt to solve this mystery.

My Assessment of the Situation

After 33 years of research on the abduction phenomenon, I know of one statement that is true. Otherworldly contact presents more questions than answers. Contactees and abductees have returned home from their events with limited information. Many recall part of the event, but others are aware only of a period of missing time or new, strange patterned marks on their bodies. Some have entered into hypnosis only to find that their ET hosts are not forthcoming with answers to their questions. Some experiencers have learned to channel information and compiled lengthy manuscripts with the answers to their questions. However, this information is sometimes inconsistent across experiencers and is not generally trusted as a method of obtaining the truth. Researchers and experiencers are now joining together in a cooperative effort to solve this mystery. It is only through a joint effort that we hope to come closer to the truth. 

     One thing is clear: Fear sells. Our fear of contact with otherworldly beings colors our perception of our experience. If we are fearful we are likely to believe the encounter was negative. If we learn to overcome our fear response we develop a more altruistic impression of our visitors. It is of vital importance to work through our anomalous experiences. Only then will be transcend our identity as "victims" and more forward as "survivors". 

     Note: MUFON's Experiencer Research Team engaged in a three year study of 516 Experiencers from 2015-2018. We acquired an extraordinary amount of information that has moved us ahead in understanding the UFO abduction and contact with NHI phenomena. You will find some of this information on this web site. My report is available at the MUFON Store at www.mufon.com



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