# 1 in New UFO Books on Amazon!KATHLEEN MARDEN has been on a lifelong search for the answers to esoteric questions. Her new book reveals her life story, research, and personal paranormal experiences. Autographed books available at
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Recipient of the International UFO Congress 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award 

  Leading UFO Abduction/Contact Researcher, Scholar, and Author

Historian on the US Government's UFO Cover-up

Worked on 3 Major Research Studies on over 5,000 Contact Experiencers

National and International Speaker  

On-Camera Commentator

Niece of Betty & Barney Hill and Foremost Authority on the Case

Stanton Friedman, MSc. and Kathleen conducted much of their research at physical archives. 
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E.T. Contact is a comprehensive survivor's guide to alien abduction.
Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers reveals the history of the US Government's Cover-up of the UFO presence.
The Alien Abduction Files details 6 of Kathleen's best cases of alien abduction. 
Science Was Wrong is a fascinating collection of stories about pioneers who did the "impossible".
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The NEW 60th anniversary edition, updated with a new chapter on the evidence!
Kathleen's new book Forbidden Knowledge reveals her personal journey and experiences with non-humans.