Kathleen is an independent ET contact experiencer advocate, researcher, and author.

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KATHLEEN MARDEN'S amazing life as the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first scientifically investigated case of alien abduction, sent her on a lifelong search for answers. Her extensive investigation of their events developed into a career as a respected UFO investigator, researcher, author, and leader in her field. She has devoted years to private investigation, research, and experimentation always following the evidence wherever it led and sharing her findings with her readers. 
Her association with the Mutual UFO Network, the world's largest civilian investigative organization, is well known. While she worked as an independent researcher and UFO abduction experiencer advocate, she also assisted MUFON through twenty years of volunteerism at a national level. At MUFON's request, she founded the Experiencer Research Team, a group of researchers and non-judgmental listeners who confidentially assisted ET contact experiencers through compassionate listening. She and her team attracted Ph.D. and M.D.  consultants from around the world who met on a monthly basis for information sharing and discussion. In 2021 she retired from her position as ERT Director.
Her collaboration on three major studies of nearly five thousand people who believe they have experienced nonhuman contact, generated new insight into the commonalities shared by experiencers of this mystifying alternate reality. Kathleen's focus on social research has offered fascinating insight into contact with nonhuman intelligence and anomalous phenomena. 

Today, Kathleen continues her work as an independent researcher and author.  Her motto is "Let all that you do be done in love."
Notice to UFO abductees and ET contact experiencers: 
In May 2024, MUFON's leadership altered the ERT's focus and now offers compassionate investigations following a full investigation by top level MUFON investigators. Non-judgmental support, without an investigation, is no longer available. 
             For Experiencer Support on a confidential basis, Kathleen recommends OPUS at https://www.opusnetwork.org/                                  For more than 25 years, OPUS has provided support to experiencers of every kind of paranormal and anomalous phenomena. Many former ERT members now offer support services at OPUS.
No one has all the answers to life's most mystifying questions, but Kathleen has spent most of her life searching for them. As the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first scientifically investigated case of alien abduction, she learned of the Hills' close encounter with a silent, hovering craft in Lincoln, NH, hours after it occurred, and witnessed the evidence and the aftermath. She remained close to Betty and mentored under her guidance. In 1991, she began her formal investigation of the Hills' lives, their UFO and abduction event, the original reports, the physical and circumstantial evidence, and their hypnosis sessions with Dr. Benjamin Simon. She is the executor and trustee of Betty's estate and established the Hills' archival collection at the Milne Special Collections Library, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.
Since 1991, she has researched the perplexing nature of UFOs and the non-human entities associated with highly advanced aerial vehicles via her own groundbreaking research, investigation, and experimentation. Her research has extended to archival collections and the US government’s involvement in the investigation of UFOs and its major studies. This has combined to give her a depth of knowledge that few possess.
Her bestselling book with Stanton T. Friedman is a case study of the Hill's UFO encounter and abduction in 1961.
Kathleen has written of who the Hills were, what happened to them on the night of September 19, 1961, the impact of their anomalous event, her own comparative analysis of the Hills' separate statements under hypnosis, the violation of confidentiality that carried their story to the public, the scientific evaluation of the evidence, the archival records, and Betty's life and experiments.
Stanton discussed amateur astronomer Marjorie Fish's work to identify the stars on Betty's star map, and the debunkers' arguments against the Hills' UFO encounter and Fish's extensive research.
Kathleen updated Captured! in 2021. She has never tired from her search for answers and the scientific analysis of the physical evidence.
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Kathleen Marden's Awards

In 2012, the Mutual UFO Network presented her with its "Researcher of the Year" award.
In 2021, the International UFO Congress presented her with its "Lifetime Achievement Award."
The Mutual UFO Network
From 1991-2023, she volunteered for the Mutual UFO Network in various positions such as Director of Field Investigator Training and Founder/Director of MUFON's Experiencer Research Team. She held directorship positions in MUFON for twenty years. 
In 2003, MUFON dedicated its annual 'International UFO Proceedings” to Kathleen for her “most  outstanding contribution to the Mutual UFO Network.” MUFON wrote, “Public recognition is hereby bestowed upon Kathleen Marden, who during her 12 years with MUFON has held a number of important positions and is always ready to support MUFON initiatives in a positive way. As a field investigator she saw the need for regular, structured training of new investigators and accepted the position of Director of Field Investigator Training. It is an honor and a privilege to dedicate the MUFON 2003 International UFO Symposium Proceedings to this dedicated MUFON member.”
In 2015, MUFON dedicated its Symposium Proceedings to her and her team for “working tirelessly to help experiencers from around the world get the help they need to cope with the extraordinary events happening to them in their lives.”

Kathleen's Scholarly Work

Kathleen's primary interest is social research. She has engaged in scholarly research on academic social research studies on UFO abductees and ET contact experiencers. 
She has conducted scholarly research on hypnosis and earned hypnotherapy and QHHT certificates.
She has worked on three studies on nearly 5000 experiencers (Marden-Stoner, FREE, MUFON).
She has conducted archival research at physical archives on UFO and disinformation history.
She is currently working on the Marden-Barton Survey on Religious Belief and Extraterrestrial Life.
  • Kathleen Marden has authored several books that are available in most formats. Her books chronicle her research and investigation history.  As an educator she enjoys sharing her knowledge and ideas. 
  • She has lectured at UFO conferences and colleges in the US and to audiences in several foreign countries.
  • She has appeared as an on-camera expert on fifty- four television and video productions. (See her credits on IMDb.) 
  • Late in life she embarked on a spiritual journey for deeper understanding and this opened new pathways in her exploration of non-human intelligence. You'll learn more in her memoir Forbidden Knowledge. Visit her online bookstore for autographed copies of her books at Kathleen's Bookstore.
Kathleen's latest book focuses on her relationship with her aunt Betty Hill, her career as a ufologist, her paranormal experiences,her investigations and research, and her experiments. 
Praise for Forbidden Knowledge
     Kathleen Marden’s new book is sheer genius! She has managed to combine her life story with people and events that changed her life in many ways. Kathleen’s knowledge and ability to combine science with the spiritual and unknown make this book the perfect addition to hold a permanent place on any bookshelf. I will be reading this book more than one time.
     ~Melanie Barton Bragg, Ed.D., author of Clergy Spiritual Misconduct

E.T. Contact is a comprehensive survivor's guide to alien abduction.
Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers reveals the history of the US Government's Cover-up of the UFO presence.
Listen to Betty and Barney Hill relive their close encounter and abduction "In Their Own Words."
The Alien Abduction Files details 6 of Kathleen's best cases of alien abduction. 
Science Was Wrong is a fascinating collection of stories about pioneers who did the "impossible." (Order at Amazon.)
Kathleen's latest book focuses on her life with her aunt Betty Hill, her career as a ufologist, her paranormal experiences, and her investigations, research, and experiments.
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The NEW 60th anniversary edition update with new evidence.
Forbidden Knowledge reveals her spiritual journey, research, and exploration of non-human intelligence.