The 1957 Abduction of Antonio Villas-Boas

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     The abduction of Antonio Villas-Boas, a 23 year old Brazilian farmer, on October 15, 1957 was the first of its kind. Prior to this, civilian UFO groups had received reports of friendly contact with human-appearing space brothers. Villas-Boas gave testimony about the event to Joao Martins, a journalist, and Olavo Fontes, MD, a medical doctor and professor from Rio de Janero, on February 22, 1958. But it was not widely publicized in the United States until after the Betty and Barney Hill case received notoriety.

     Antonio, the next to the youngest son of seven children, lived with his family on a large farm they owned near the town of Sao Francisco de Salles, in the State of Minas Gerais. All of his male siblings and two laborers worked the farm during the daytime and Antonio, sometimes with another brother, worked the fields at night.

     He testified to Dr Fontes and Mr. Martins that on October 5, 1957, he and his brother had retired at 11:00 PM, following a party at their house, and noticed that the bedroom he shared with his brother was uncomfortably warm. When he opened the window, he observed an intense white light over his family’s corral emitting a silvery fluorescent reflection. It reminded Antonio of a car’s headlights shining from above and projecting a wide band of light toward the ground. He closed the shutters and lay down to sleep, but his curiosity would not subside. When he opened the shutters again, the light began to move in his direction. He closed them and he and his brother observed the bright light through the cracks in the shutters and the tiles of the roof. It bathed their bedroom in light before it disappeared.

     Nine days later, at approximately 10:00 PM, Antonio and his older brother were plowing a field when it appeared again. The light was so intense that it caused pain in their eyes. An intense pale red light, approximately the size of an oxcart wheel from this distance, hovered only 300 feet above their northern field. When he approached it, the light shot to the southern end of the field. This pattern repeated each time that Villas-Boas attempted to move toward it. He estimated that this occurred at least twenty times before he grew tired of chasing it. It then moved towards his brother and sparkled like the setting sun. Then it suddenly disappeared.

     The next night, on the evening of October 15, Antonio was alone plowing the field, when he observed a red light in the sky. Suddenly, it grew larger and looked as if it was moving in his direction. Within moments the object was overhead, hovering approximately 160 feet above. He and his tractor were engulfed in an intense light-red beam, shining as bright as daylight. It was approximately 1:00 AM and Antonio was alone and terrified. He wanted to escape, but the fast moving object could easily outrun his tractor. Additionally, the plowed soil was too soft to attempt an escape on foot.

     Antonio could now see that the craft had an elongated egg-shape with a large red light on the forward side and many small purplish lights. It made a descent in Antonio's direction, stopping only 35-45 feet from him, giving him a clear view of its structure. There were three metal bars, thick on one end and spiked at the tip, on the front and sides of the craft. A domed top rotated at great speed, changing from red to green as it slowed. Three metal protrusions slid out of the underside as it settled down within feet of Antonio.

     Soon the tractor’s engine died and its lights extinguished. He attempted to flee but was caught by several small non-human entities, clothed in soft tight fitting gray, one piece suits that covered their heads and faces. Antonio could see only their eyes. The head pieces resembled over-sized helmets made from fabric similar to, but stiffer than their suits, and covered with metal plates. Tubes protruded from the tops of the helmets. The entities appeared to be wearing goggles that Antonio speculated might have caused the illusion that their eyes were smaller than human eyes.

     The beings dragged him to the craft and lifted the struggling young man up a flexible ladder to a ramp. They forced Antonio into a small square room, and the door closed, giving the appearance that it was part of the wall, without a gap or seam. From there they assisted him into a larger circular room with silvery metal walls. An odd-shaped white pedestal table stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by stools of the same color.

     The strange entities spoke to one another in a language that resembled animal growls, sometimes ending in a tremor. They then removed the protesting young man’s clothing and applied a thick, clear liquid over his entire body. He was led to an adjacent room where they extracted blood from his chin, which left a scar. Upon their departure the room filled with noxious smoke that caused Antonio to vomit.

     In the most controversial segment of his story, Villas-Boas reported that a petite, completely naked female entered the room. She had thin, light blonde hair, parted in the middle, and large blue slanted eyes. Her high, wide cheekbones narrowed to a tiny, pointed chin. Her nose was straight and narrow and her mouth was little more than a slit. Antonio was attracted to her beautiful, petite, body, with well developed hips and large thighs. She moved her body next to his and rubbed up against him, causing him to become sexually excited. She then engaged him in sexual intercourse that he, surprisingly, found gratifying, except for the animal sounds she emitted.

     When their sexual encounter ended, the door opened and an entity beckoned the woman to leave the room. Turning back to Antonio, she pointed to her abdomen and then to the southern sky. He feared that she intended to take him to her planet. But it was not to be. A entity returned his clothing and signaled that he should get dressed.

     Antonio was escorted into the room that he had passed through when he entered the craft. It contained a pedestal table and three chairs. Now, three of the non-human men were seated in the chairs. A peculiar black box rested on a shelf. Antonio guessed that it might be a clock, but he did not notice movement. He then made a plan to abscond the box, but it was taken from him. He was denied evidence to prove that his experience had really happened.

     One of the men escorted Antonio on a tour of the craft and, finally, to the door that he had entered. He motioned the young farmer to descend the ladder. It then retracted into the craft and seemed to become part of the door. The craft then lifted vertically into the air and disappeared into the night sky. It was now 5:30 AM. More than four hours had passed since he was taken aboard the craft.

     Antonio Villas-Boas’s strange tale might have been relegated to the annals of UFO hoaxes were it not for the medical evidence. Antonio reported that he had experienced overwhelming fatigue, nausea, eye inflammation, headaches, body aches and loss of appetite for days following his alleged experience. Dr. Fontes noted coin size scars on his chin and multiple recent lesions on his arms, legs and hands, with strange purplish discoloration around them that might have been the result of radiation poisoning.

     The late Antonio Villas-Boas completed his education, through a correspondence course, and worked as a lawyer for many years prior to his death in 1992. He never rescinded his alien abduction claim.

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