Kathleen's books are available in hardcover, softcover, eBook, and audio book at Amazon and other online bookstores. Autographed softcover books are available at her bookstore.

Forbidden Knowledge: Second Edition

$ 21.99 USD

KATHLEEN MARDEN'S amazing life as the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first scientifically investigated case of alien abduction, sent her on a lifelong search for answers. Not only has she has devoted years to the investigation, research, and experimentation of UFO and abduction phenomena, but she has also struggled with personal contact experiences and learned to overcome her fear and apprehension. She participated in a multiyear experiment with an alleged council of eight ETs and acquired remarkable evidence that "something" had entered into the experimental team's environment. One hundred and fourteen of the team's questions and the nonhuman entities' answers are documented in her chapters. Learn what experiencers of ET contact have in common. Read of an amazing contact experiment conducted by a US Navy Rear Admiral and a Canadian government official. Read of one of Kathleen's best evidence cases and view the images of nonhumans entering our environment via the experiencer's website. Price includes autograph and shipping in the USA. Also available at Amazon.

Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation

$ 21.99 USD

Book #1, First edition reveals Kathleen's personal struggle with the unknown through the twists, turns, and glimpses of mysterious realities that has transformed her from a terrified alien abductee to a spiritual warrior and survivor. Read of her multi-year experiment with a research team to seek the answers to 120 questions on why extraterrestrials are visiting our planet. Autographed by author. Price includes shipping in the USA.

Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience 60th Anniversary Update

$ 21.99 USD

UPDATED BESTSELLER! The truth about Betty and Barney Hills' extraordinary UFO abduction following a close encounter with a hovering, silent craft. You'll read the details of their journey, Kathleen's comparative analysis of their statements under hypnosis, and the scientific investigation of the evidence. You'll also gain insight into who the Hills were as people and their community activities. Includes new and updated scientific evidence. Autographed by authors. Includes shipping in the USA.

Extraterrestrial Contact: What to do When You've Been Abducted

$ 21.99 USD

A survivor's guide to alien abduction and contact with non-humans. Comprehensive in scope. Includes how to investigate your own events, how to cope with abduction in your life, how to stop it if you so desire, and the good, bad, and in between of several of Kathleen's most compelling cases. This book is for anyone who is interested in alien abduction and the paranormal. Autographed by author. Price includes shipping in the USA. Available in French on Amazon.

The Alien Abduction Files

$ 21.99 USD

Fascinating! This book reveals startling cases of human-alien contact investigated by Kathleen. You'll read of the emotional impact, the evidence, inter-generational contact, the messages from ETs to humans, and the commonalities that experiencers of ET contact share. Autographed by author. Price includes shipping in the USA.

Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers

$ 21.99 USD

Marden and Friedman reveal the history of the US government's investigation of UFOs, their major studies and findings, the decision to cover-up the evidence, and the disinformants who were involved in the cover-up. Documented and footnoted. Autographed by both authors. Available outside the USA via Amazon. Price includes shipping in USA.

Betty and Barney Hill: In Their Own Words DVD

$ 15.99 USD

Now, for the first time ever, you'll hear Betty and Barney relive their close encounter and abduction "In Their Own Words." Compare the Hills' descriptions of the huge, silent disk-shaped craft that closed in on them during their journey through upstate New Hampshire. Listen to their descriptions of their capture by non-human entities and their experiences aboard a landed alien spacecraft. DVD mailed in the USA only.