Orbs, Camera Anomalies, or Out of the Bosoms of UFOs

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What do we know or understand about these mysterious balls of light that appear at will? How do we determine which ones could be under intelligent control, whether they be spirit operated (or do they consist of spirit energy), or operate via an alien presence?

Which ones are brought to life as we enter a room where they were settled in hidden corners waiting for us to disturb them, and now our camera picks them up as previously unseen or unnoticed dust particles? We don’t see these often beautiful circles of light until the pictures are put on screen for our perusal. I won’t pretend to be an expert on this topic, but will say I have gone out with my digital camera, flash turned on, scuffled up the ground or floor a bit, and had dozens of these pretty little objects show up on my screen – then only moments later standing stock still, barely breathing, I cannot capture a single one of these little guys. Once more, scuffle the feet, like magic, they appear by the dozens or if the room is really clean, one or two. Again and again I have tested this phenomenon with the same results. Could I be disturbing dust bunnies or soil particles that are propelled into the air by my scuffling and caught on film? Or could it be something else? Having said this, I would ask any of you reading here to run your own test. These are my attempts; I will improve upon them and await others who will write their own results. I would love to read other findings and compare notes. I am looking for answers.

I have had one odd set of results that I will speak of due to these so named dust orbs. I was out in the high desert in Nevada, which was a combination of flat desert sand areas plus red rock mountain top. Having lived in Florida for enough years now, I was hungry for the west and the ease of getting away from city crowds – far away from all of that. Four of us had driven on dirt roads for several hours beginning late in the afternoon. Darkness had settled in. We had not seen another human or vehicle for more than 4 hours. We rolled down the windows, as I was hungry for the sounds of the desert nightlife, yet did not wish to be the human who disturbed the peace that dwelled there, by walking among those who had always claimed it as their own. I missed the butcherbird on the side of a cactus when I visited Arizona, and others I would hear or see in this place tonight. Sitting quietly one could hear rustling of the night hunters, lizards and snakes, as the sand shifted beneath them or an owl swooping down to capture a mouse to feed his young (usually the males hunt). Those giant wings would bring fear to anyone not used to the sound. The sky was clear - the Milky Way appeared as a huge diamond necklace strung across the whole expanse of sky above us. The desert was lit up to some degree, not casting shadows exactly but painting a canvas in many shades of gray. To test my camera, I held it up and panned across the open ground in front of me. Nothing there but Joshua trees like dried up department store manikins, who at some time had been dressed as cheerleaders, and all that was left were the shredded pom-poms - short, bent over silhouettes in the dark. I looked over the top of the camera before shooting off in to the distance. When I did so, I heard the sound of Rice Krispies after milk was added. I could see small sparklers and snapped the picture. These tiny little balls of light came out in the photo. I also saw them in the lens as they retreated into the desert, as if escaping away from me. I have no earthly idea what these things were or what created the sound. The desert is a fascinating place especially at night.

I have included a photo showing one of the largest “dust” orbs I have personally ever seen. This was taken just prior to sunset in the same Nevada desert. There was a magnificent rock spire emerging from the ground across the road from the area where we parked to cook our dinner. I began my photo shoot there in earnest. I had someone stand at the base of the rock spire to show that it was many stories taller than a human. I then shot this multicolored monolith alone, and when I reviewed the photo, there on the face of rock was this huge orb. It is enormous. I can’t figure out how a dust particle could be so large, yet remain invisible to the human eye. There were many other dust orbs off to the side, however much smaller and not so colorful. Was there some sort of magnification occurring, although I am unaware of the process? There was no wind in the desert that night. We were nowhere near the rock but across the road, as I stated, also easy to see the orbs that are closer to the lens. It was so devoid of sound you could have heard a tiny mouse or lizard scurry under the smallest leaf of white sage from quite a distance, as this brush was in full bloom. I picked some to bring home and dry – the white being the most prized for “cleansing” a home or area, the process called smudging. The scent was filling the air. Again, questions rather than answers.

It was late and even in the heat of July the night can become cool in the high desert. No one knew where we were and it had been hours since we had seen a soul. We began to weave our way back over one dirt road after another. Luckily for us we had someone with us who knew those places; recalled directions like the back of his hand and could get us out of there. There was no cell phone service and we had no GPS, as we had not thought we would be going on this type of adventure.

We were approximately half way back down the mountain – yes we had climbed steadily upward when we left the town where we were all staying. There were no signs of city lights yet. After living in Colorado for almost 20 years, I was used to suddenly spotting the sparkling lights of a city when nearing a destination from the top of a mountain pass. I don’t have any idea why but felt we were being followed, so turned to look out the back left window on the driver’s side. There I observed a round light much larger than most orbs. This is another type of orb all together. It was brilliantly lit from inside, white in color, it was the size of a human head, if I recall correctly. This object was moving quickly until it reached the driver’s window, then slowed down and paced us exactly staying even with the driver. It was about 5 Ft above the dirt road because we were in an RV rented at the airport and it was one of the largest you could get. We rolled down the window to make sure this light was not a reflection of any kind. No, it was not. All 4 of us in the car were observing this object. We were all dumb founded, not fearful, just amazed. I raised my camera and snapped two pictures. Both came out identical. I had been jumping in and out of the car as we saw places of interest to take photos of, so the camera was in my hand.

We observed this light for at least 5 minutes. This object did not cast its light onto the road, the car, or the short bushes – none over 2 feet tall - lining the side of the road. The very bright white light remained contained within the perfectly circular ball. There was not a defined closure or place indicating where the circle ended or closed and the “regular space” or darkness began, yet the circle was absolutely perfect. Suddenly as we watched, the orb began to gain speed and moved ahead of our vehicle. Then it traveled down the road so far we could no longer see it. We never saw it again but have the picture as proof. We felt as if this orb was intelligent, and wanted us to notice it. I also thought the object was observing us, but did not, or could not communicate, or perhaps did not choose to. I was the only one who first “felt” it was behind us. There was no “tail” of light as it moved, just the bright white round glow. You could not see through it; it was opaque.

Once more, we have a mystery. What was this? Four adults, on a night time trip to observe the desert and sky after dark. No one was drinking in case that was a thought. We had ice cold tea with us. We barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner as the sun set on top of the desert mountain. It is anyone’s guess, theory, idea as to what this could be. Anomaly? If so, what kind? UFO? Spirit entity? A little of each? This one is truly curious.
The last bit of evidence I would like to mention has been reported a few times and is one we would love to solve. These have been reported by abductees, or experiencers, as many prefer to be called. These individuals have seen orbs in their homes following an abduction or just prior to it. I am not going to delve deeply in to the descriptive details here, as I would prefer to have you tell me in order to add your report to my research studies. I wish to compare the commonalities among experiencers regarding these types of “sightings”. I am talking about reports of visible orbs seen by abductees. These are also a wonder – when a parent enters a child’s bedroom and their child is batting at a brightly colored orb or jumping around the room in an attempt to capture it, what in the world is this? Did abduction bring these orbs to the home or did it cause an opening for spirits to pay a visit?

Was there a slip in time or an opening in space or……….? So many questions! I have presented a couple of cases for all to examine and consider. I have included some photographic evidence to study. The missing puzzle piece is out there; just a tiny stretch from our mind’s reach and the connection is made. Let’s continue to work together as we search for the answer to these greatest of mysteries – UFOs, alien visitors, abductions, orbs, and so on ……

Denise Stoner is a lifelong experiencer and coauthor with Kathleen of The Alien Abduction Files. Denise's experiences are featured in the first section of the fascinating book.

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