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Kathleen Marden
June 6, 2024


In a recent podcast Dr. Steven Greer claimed, "The Betty and Barney Hill abduction was a staged, man-made abduction, having nothing to do with aliens." He also claims that "not many know this fact." Why would Dr. Greer be one of "the few" to have access to this guarded information? Has he been duped by a disinformant? Here are a few of my questions for Dr. Greer:


  1. What technology did the USAF have in 1961, that could hover silently, rotate, and bounce back and forth like a “yo yo”?
  2. How do you explain more than a dozen eye witnesses to the craft?
  3. What did they lower from the craft’s underside as it hovered only one hundred feet above Barney, as reported in the earliest documents and sketched by Barney on September 20, 1961?
  4. What technology had they developed that produced buzzing tones on the trunk of their car and caused the car to vibrate as their craft hovered above the Hills’ 1957 Chevy? Why did it induce partial amnesia? Why did it leave a magnetic field around shiny quarter sized concentric circles on their trunk that had not been there the previous day?
  5. What wand had this nefarious group developed that could immobilize people and cause them to float above the ground?
  6. Where did they obtain the telepathic, hairless, non-human, large chested people of short stature with large craniums and very thin arms and legs, who conducted intrusive examinations on the Hills?
  7. What was the reason for their insertion of a large needle into Betty’s navel years before doctors used this procedure for use in a hospital setting? And why did it leave fluid that a scientist evaluated as DNA from her body on the lining of her dress that did not bleed through to the exterior of her dress?
  8. Why did they deposit Tellurium and Rhodium, rare and expensive metals, on Betty’s dress? Tellurium is extremely rare in the earth’s crust but abundant in the universe. Rhodium is one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals on earth with a higher melting point and lower density than platinum.
  9. How could Betty accurately sketch a star map based on information that was not known to anyone on Earth in 1961? A recent update, with a focus on exoplanets of 2289 different models indicates that the Fish identification remains the closest match of nearest stars.
  10. The scientific analysis of symbols observed by abductees on craft indicates that they are nearly identical. Betty sketched these nearly identical symbols as well.
  11. What right did they have to violate the human rights of two upstanding American civilians in a Nazi-like experiment? And why have they done this, with impunity, to thousands of families around the world? 

Listen to his interview at at the 32:30 min. mark.