Are You Being Abducted by Evil Non-Humans?

© Kathleen Marden

     Are you being taken by evil entities? Do you have memories of being taken to an underground facility where you have been raped, immersed in excrement, or forced to watch horrifying murders being carried out? Are the entities dining on human body parts? Has something taken control of your mind? Are you being forced to do bad things?

     Do you want it to stop but cannot let go of it? Is your health declining?

     I am not a specialist in spiritual attachments, so I cannot conduct work for you. However, I can educate you on the difference between contact with extraterrestrials and negative entity attachments. Extraterrestrials are not evil. They carry out scientific work with humans and other animals. They have collected flora and fauna from around the world. They show concern for the planet and its inhabitants. They educate you. They can be terrifying, but they are not evil.

Here are some symptoms of negative entity oppression or attachment:

  • Something has caused all your goodness and positive emotions to disappear.
  • You are suddenly having trouble sleeping.
  • You have developed new body aches that will not subside.
  • You find deep scratches on your body that you cannot explain.
  • You might find bite-marks on your body.
  • Your personality is changing, and you are expressing yourself differently. You might have begun to use profane language.
  • Your speech patterns have become guttural, and your voice has dropped a few octaves.
  • You have begun to act out sexually.
  • You are no longer as concerned about cleanliness as you used to be.
  • You feel drained of energy.
  • Your electric bill has increased drastically.
  • A new voice is heard in your head that threatens you or attempts to convince you to commit suicide.
  • There are new cold areas in your home.
  • You hear tapping or knocking in your home.
  • Your pets see something that is not apparent to you.
  • You detect the odor of rotting meat or sulfur in your home.
  • You reject your religious beliefs.
  • An entity materializes in front of you that somehow resembles an E.T. but is different in several ways.
  • You are strangled during the night and awaken in the morning with chafing around your neck.
  • You are having new, horrifying nightmares.
  • Something has taken control of your mind causing you to have negative obsessive thoughts.
  • You require significantly more sleep than you are accustomed to and it does not restore your energy.

What Can You Do to Bring About Positive Change in Your Life?

     Sometimes ETs open portals into experiencer's homes or bodies and fail to close them. When this occurs, all sorts of interdimensional entities can enter. They might generate fear in the affected person. This sense of fear will attract dark entities because it is the food they need to expand and take control. The experiencer must follow a regular healing routine until the dark entity has left. I have a process that has worked for several experiencers who suffered from this problem. It is founded in the idea that dark entities cannot attach to higher frequencies. The experiencer can rid herself/himself of lower vibrating entities by meditating to these guided meditations once or twice a day. Make it part of your daily routine until they are gone. If they return, begin this process again. Here are three suggestions but YouTube has many more.

     Additionally, listen to frequency raising tones every night while you sleep. Here are some suggested links:

  • Engage in prayer and ask God to protect you several times each day.
  • Learn how to burn sage to clear your house.
  • Use holy water and keep it next to your bed.
  • Call in a holy person to clear your home and your body, such as a minister who specializes in this, or a shaman. Some can do it over the telephone. You’ll find them through an online search.
  • Do not address the negative entity directly.
  • If you have recently purchased an antique, and this is when your problem began, move it out of your home.
  • Clear you home of occult symbols or idols. 
  • Resist by forcing yourself to think positive.
  • When you see an entity, pray for the help of your religious figure. If you do not practice a religion, appeal to the highest consciousness or to source energy.
  • Throw love in all directions.
  • Protect yourself in a bubble of pure, white, divine light.