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     Kathleen Marden’s insatiable interest in UFOs and ET contact began in 1961, when her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney Hill had a close encounter and UFO abduction in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. As a family member, Kathleen gained firsthand knowledge of Betty’s and Barney’s UFO encounter on the day they arrived home and two days later, she accompanied her parents and siblings on a visit to the Hill’s home. She has devoted years to painstaking investigation of the Hills' anomalous events and archival research on their UFO abduction case. As the trustee of Betty’s estate, she selected the files from Betty’s personal collection for a permanent archive at the Milne Special Collections Library, UNH Library, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.

     Her formal investigation of the Hill's UFO abduction led to her career as an author, investigator, and researcher. From 1991-2023, she volunteered for the Mutual UFO Network in various positions such as Director of Field Investigator Training and Founder/Director of MUFON's Experiencer Resource Team. Over a ten-year period, Kathleen expanded her team from three members to forty-five trained, seasoned specialists and attracted PhD and MD psychological and research consultants. In 2012, MUFON recognized Kathleen’s contributions by presenting her with a "Researcher of the Year" trophy. In 2015, MUFON dedicated its Symposium Proceedings to her and her team for “working tirelessly to help experiencers from around the world get the help they need to cope with the extraordinary events happening to them in their lives.” (Note: Non-judgmental Experiencer Support is no longer available through MUFON.) She is also the recipient of the 2021 International UFO Congress Lifetime Achievement Award.

     During her years as a UFO investigator and researcher, she worked on three studies on nearly 5,000 experiencers of extraterrestrial contact (Marden-Stoner, Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, and Mutual UFO Network). Her compassion for these unfairly targeted innocents led to an alteration in her focus from cold investigation to advocacy of the respectful treatment of people who have interacted, willingly or unwillingly, with non-human entities.

     She has appeared as an on-camera commentator on fifty four television and video productions. (See her film credits at Kathleen Marden - IMDb  Additionally, she has appeared on countless radio shows and podcasts and has spoken at conferences across the United States and in foreign countries.

     Her bestselling book with scientific ufologist and lecturer Stanton T. Friedman, M.Sc. (1934-2019) is “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.” They authored two additional books “Science Was Wrong” and “Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers.” Her book with Denise Stoner “The Alien Abduction Files” includes her investigation of six inter-generational cases of ET contact. Her fifth book “Extraterrestrial Contact: What to do When You’ve Been Abducted,” is a comprehensive guide to UFO abduction phenomena and a self-help book for UFO abductees. (Also available in French.) Read her book “Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation” for deeper insight into Kathleen’s life history, experiments, and spiritual transformation. Her latest book “Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation" Second Edition is a memoir of Kathleen's journey as an award winning ufologist,  major researcher, investigator, program founder and director, and her life as Betty and Barney Hills' niece. 

     Autographed copies of her books can be purchased (in the United States) on her website at

     Kathleen and Dr. Melanie Barton Bragg are working on a new survey on "Religious Belief and Extraterrestrial Life," for the general public, UFO enthusiasts, and Non-human Contact Experiencers. Please participate in their survey on Kathleen's website. Your identity will remain confidential. Thank you!

Praise for Kathleen’s work:

  • Once again, author and investigator Kathleen Marden has made a remarkable contribution to the world of serious UFO literature. This wealth of practical, well-documented information contained in Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You’ve Been Abducted will be invaluable to experiencers and abductees as well as to educators, mental health professionals, and serious students of ufology worldwide.                                                                                       Peter Robbins, author, investigative writer, and long-time assistant to pioneer UFO abduction researcher Budd Hopkins (published in “Extraterrestrial Contact.”)
  • Kathleen continues to be a leader in the search into the mystifying saga of paranormal contact. She is a notable presenter on the phenomena, and her groundbreaking work cannot be ignored. I admire Kathleen.                        ~ Derrel Sims, RHA, CMHt, The Alien Hunter (published in “Extraterrestrial Contact.”
  • Kathleen Marden is not only the niece of Betty and Barney Hill but is also one of the leading UFO researchers of our time. Her collaboration with the legendary researcher Stanton Friedman has resulted in the definitive work on the most important UFO abduction case of the twentieth century.                                                                                      Richard Dolan, historian, UFO researcher, and author (published in the 60th anniversary update on “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.”)
  • It is a difficult path to report news from the tangled web of government denial policies about non-human interactions with this planet. But ultimately, the official phony denials can't last forever in the face of so many first-hand human experiences and testimonies since the historic 1961 Betty and Barney Hill encounter with non-humans in New Hampshire that left physical residue of dress stains, scuffed shoe tops and an odd pattern of shiny circles on top of their car’s trunk. Betty's niece, Kathleen Marden, and her coauthor Denise Stoner, now add from their alien abduction files more meticulously investigated high strangeness with nonhuman entities in the lives of two American families that have been physically, mentally, and spiritually affected, as so many thousands of other families have been for more than 50 years. Each new voice adds pressure to the question: When will Earth life be publicly introduced to other cosmic life?                                                                                                                                                                                        Linda Moulton Howe, Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, reporter, and editor of, (published in “The Alien Abduction Files”)
  • I have known Kathy Marden for several years, lecturing at conferences together, co-presenting on expert abduction panels, and responding to questions from anxious audiences. She is a highly respected colleague for her work, her experience, and her knowledge.                                                                                                                                               Yvonne Smith, CHT, President, CERO International, and author (published in “Extraterrestrial Contact”)
  • There can never be enough praise for Kathleen Marden and her work, which will bring us closer to unraveling the abduction mystery and empower people from all walks of life to shine the light on this reality.                              ~ Yvonne Smith, CHT, President, CERO International, author (published in “Extraterrestrial Contact”)
An Overview of Kathleen Marden’s Personal History and Major Activities as a UFO Abduction Investigator, Researcher, Lecturer, On-Camera Commentator and Experiencer Support Provider


  • September 20, 1961: As a family member, Kathleen gained firsthand knowledge of the Betty and Barney Hill UFO encounter in New Hampshire’s White Mountains when she overheard her mother’s conversation with her aunt Betty Hill regarding a close encounter with a “flying saucer” that she and Barney had observed the previous evening. Within two days, she, her parents, and siblings visited the Hill’s home and heard Betty describe her memories of the event. Betty showed the family the new, shiny spots on the trunk of her car where she and Barney had heard likelihood buzzing sounds shortly after midnight on the night of September 19, 1961, after a craft hovered less than 200 feet over their vehicle. Betty passed around her broken watch that had been operating perfectly prior to the close encounter. Kathleen's  father sat quietly with Barney while he talked about the figures he observed through binoculars. He had already spoken with USAF officers and was awaiting a follow-up call. (During Kathleen’s lengthy investigation of the Hill case, her father stated that Barney was clear concerning his observation. Walter Webb’s 1961 confidential NICAP report documents Barney’s statements on his observation of figures that were “somehow not human.”)
  • Kathleen observed and participated in the aftermath of the Hills’ UFO event and had confidential knowledge regarding their experience. She observed a considerable change in Barney’s emotional state and behavior following his traumatic experience in the “close encounter field” on Route 3 in Lincoln, NH. Previously a happy, gregarious man, Barney felt anxious and concerned. He hoped that he would forget about this troubling event and return to his day to day life.
  • 1964: Kathleen and the female members of her extended family met with Betty on Saturday afternoons during the last two months of the Hills’ hypnosis sessions and therapy with Dr. Benjamin Simon. For four months, he had worked with the Hills’ separately using deep trance hypnosis. (Barney had been referred to Dr. Simon because he had developed bleeding ulcers and heightened anxiety that his health care providers believed were related to his experience with the UFO.) Although Betty was not the primary patient, Dr Simon agreed to see the couple separately for hypnosis and therapy. He reinstated amnesia at the end of each hypnosis session. When their hypnosis sessions were complete, he saw the couple together as they listened to, discussed, and processed their separate hypnosis sessions. Betty shared the details of her and Barney’s memories in hypnosis during these meetings with family members.
  • As a teenager, Kathleen drafted a paper on the Hills’ experience but did not disclose their identity. Her paper is not part of their archival collection at UNH.
  • Kathleen and her family were with her exceedingly distressed aunt and uncle when newspaper reporter John Luttrell’s  series of articles appeared in “The Boston Traveler” newspaper. The family discussed the consequences of this unwanted public disclosure and voted on Betty’s and Barney’s next course of action.
  • Kathleen, her mother, and maternal grandparents were on a camping trip with Betty and Barney, on Labor Day Weekend 1965, when they found their abduction site on Mill Brook Road in Thornton, NH. Not long after their close encounter in 1961, they had initiated a protracted search for the dirt road they remembered finding themselves on when they observed a fiery orb and were stopped by a figures blocking a dirt road on the night of September 19, 1961. They reported their search to NICAP Investigator Walter Webb. Kathleen has a copy of the correspondence files between Webb and the Hills.
  • “Look Magazine” photographer Paul Fusco photographed Kathleen and her family on the day of her high school graduation in 1966.
  • Kathleen had the opportunity to meet Walter Webb, Dr. Benjamin Simon, John Fuller, Robert Hohmann, C.D. Jackson, Jacques Vallee, and Marjorie Fish during their investigations into the various aspects of the Hills’ UFO close encounter and abduction. She met Webb at the Hayden Planetarium in Boston, MA, where he worked. (He assisted her father in the selection of her first telescope.)
  • Kathleen met John Fuller when he visited her childhood home in 1964 or 1965, to conduct an interview with her mother. She saw him again in 1967 when he attended a psychophysics (CE 5) experiment on her grandparents’ farm across the street from her childhood home. Engineers Robert Hohmann and CD Jackson  initiated this secret experiment and Betty agreed to cooperate with them. Jacques Vallee was present among a few researchers and scientists at the psychophysics experiment. Allen Hynek had was invited to the gathering but could not attend. (Kathleen has photos of the psychophysics gathering.)
  •  In 1969 or 1970, when Kathleen lived with Betty, she met Marjorie Fish during one of her research visits to Betty’s home. Kathleen became interested in becoming a UFO investigator when she observed the above-mentioned people.
  • Dr. Benjamin Simon and his wife invited Kathleen to accompany Betty and Barney to their home for dinner. A doctor with a PhD, not an MD, was at the dinner table, along with another researcher. Kathleen has unsuccessfully attempted to identify the doctor and the other man. If her memory is correct, this was in 1967 during the year between her high school graduation and college entrance.
  •  After dinner Dr. Simon escorted Kathleen to a room and played bombastic classical music while he hypnotized the Hills, together. They relived part of their joint encounter. There is a picture of Betty and Barney sitting side by side in a hypnosis session that might have been photographed that night. Later, Betty spoke to Kathleen about the session/demonstration and of Barney’s attempt to escape the ETs. He rose from his chair and fell on his face.
  • Following Barney’s death in 1969, Kathleen lived in Betty’s home and witnessed the nasty psychological intimidation games that someone was playing with her aunt. She has written about this and an event that she witnessed when she was at home studying. This was not a product of Betty’s imagination. It was real. Kathleen was a matriculating student at the University of New Hampshire and commuted to college in Barney’s car.


  • In 1971, the University of New Hampshire awarded Kathleen a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Service, cum laude. Her studies focused on sociology, psychology, psychiatric social work, biological science, and philosophy. She was a student intern at the NH State (psychiatric) Hospital in Concord, NH, for her coursework in abnormal psychology. Her academic achievement led to her induction into the Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society. Kathleen’s interest in the Hill’s events continued.
  • Kathleen and her first husband moved to Cincinnati for graduate studies and work. The  University of Cincinnati had awarded him a full scholarship. He had graduated from UNH summa cum laude and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.
  • In this period the wife’s education was secondary to the husband's. Kathleen agreed to find full-time employment and to engage in part-time graduate studies until her husband earned his doctorate. When Kathleen could not find a job in her chosen field of psychiatric social work, she entered the field of education and began graduate studies in education.
  • The University of Cincinnati School Psychology Department awarded her a full scholarship and assistantship, but when the assistantship fell short and the financial challenge was too great, she decided to leave Cincinnati. (A serial killer was on the loose,  and she had recently separated from her husband, her personal safety was at risk.) She realized that her financial situation was hopeless, and her educational goal was out of reach. (However, throughout her career Kathleen participated in graduate studies in education.)
  • During her time in Cincinnati, Kathleen returned to New Hampshire during school breaks and in the summer. This gave her the opportunity to increase her level of knowledge concerning her aunt’s own investigations and experiments.
  • Kathleen met Dr. James Harder in the mid-1970s during his confidential investigation of Betty’s and some family member’s ongoing UFO related events. He conducted separate interviews and hypnosis sessions with Kathleen and her mother regarding their UFO abduction events. During one of his visits, Dr. Harder discussed his work on the Hickson-Parker and Travis Walton abductions. He also discussed the more frightening details of the Smith-Thomas-Stafford abductions.
  • At the time, Betty Hill was a UFO and abduction investigator and quietly offered support to people who had endured similar experiences.
  • She met Alex Tanous at Betty’s home and developed an interest in his work. He had made predictions of state, national, and world events and was a part time instructor of parapsychology at the University of Southern Maine. He had appeared on television and radio shows and was a consultant for several television documentaries. He also assisted in local police investigations. A close associate of Tanous informed Kathleen that he had engaged in secret work on a federal intelligence level. Kathleen visited the Alex Tanous Research Library at the Rhine Research Center, Institute of Parapsychology, Durham, NC, when she was conducting research for her second book with Stanton Friedman “Science Was Wrong.”


  • Kathleen relocated to New Hampshire in 1982. This gave her the opportunity to spend more time with Betty Hill and to begin a mentorship under her. Betty educated Kathleen on her experiences with the orthodox UFO field, and the aura of incredulity that prominent skeptics were promoting. Kathleen was attempting to separate fact from fiction in the Hill case because skeptics were offering information that was not consistent with what she remembered. Kathleen was not aware of the dishonest, intentional distortion of facts by a coterie of so called “skeptics.”
  • Betty was fed up with UFO organizations and their distortion of the truth and mistreatment of UFO abductees. She informed Kathleen that she was working with more knowledgeable and supportive people behind the scenes, including scientists and military officers.
  • Kathleen was employed full-time in the field of education as a teacher, supervisor, trainer, and education services coordinator until 1988 when a debilitating neuromuscular condition cut her career short.
  •  Her disability forced her to make difficult personal choices regarding continued intellectual stimulation and academic endeavors. This afforded her the opportunity to spend more time with Betty and to gain deeper insight into her wide range of intellectual, experimental, and research interests.


  • In 1991, Kathleen formally entered the UFO research and investigation field. Betty had advised her not to enter the orthodox UFO community, because she had a relationship with military personnel and scientists who had greater knowledge and understanding. However, Kathleen was an open-minded skeptic and admired UFO investigators. She joined the Mutual UFO Network and underwent field investigator training. Soon she advanced to the position of MUFON state section director and actively investigated UFO close encounters and abductions in NH.
  • In 1991, Kathleen initiated a formal investigation of Betty and Barney Hills’ UFO abduction and their hypnosis sessions with Dr. Benjamin Simon. Her goal was to investigate, research, and uncover all information related to the Hills' UFO close encounter and suspected abduction. She slowly wrote a manuscript that would later become the foundation for her book “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.”
  • In 1991, Kathleen authored a sixteen-page paper titled “The Hill Abduction Case: Thirty Years Later” regarding some of her research and investigative findings.
  • Kathleen was actively involved in discussions with Betty Hill and others on the work of Budd Hopkins, and the controversy surrounding the use of hypnotic regression to recover memories pertaining to UFO abduction.
  • In 1996, MUFON appointed Kathleen National Director of Field Investigator Training. In this time-frame, Field Investigator training was conducted at a state level, and she advocated for a strong standardized national training program. Later, MUFON moved forward with national training opportunities. She graded all FI exams and reported back to both MUFON leadership and the field investigator trainees who had completed the exam. She conducted yearly assessments of the exam and wrote an updated exam for MUFON. She attended MUFON's International Symposium whenever possible and reported to MUFON’s Board of Directors.
  • Betty appointed Kathleen, executor, and trustee of her estate. She asked Kathleen to become her representative when she could no longer speak for herself regarding her UFO events. Kathleen accepted Betty’s request.
  • Kathleen transcribed Betty and Barney Hills’ hypnosis recordings with Dr. Benjamin Simon and conducted a comparative analysis of their statements in separate hypnosis sessions. Betty had given her a complete copy of all recorded sessions in her possession. She discovered that Betty and Barney had described the same detailed information regarding the period of amnesia, and some of these vital details were not in Betty’s dream account. (You will find her interesting, not boring analysis in “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience" 2007 and 2021.)
  •  Later, Jennifer Stein assisted Kathleen by using her audio software to produce a clear rendition of her comparative analysis of the Hills’ hypnotically retrieved memories. In 2011, at Jennifer’s urging and with professional assistance from Jennifer and Bob Terrio, she produced the DVD “In Their Own Words.” It lined up the Hills’ separate statements in hypnosis with Dr. Simon and Kathleen’s commentary on her comparative analysis of the Hill’s separate hypnosis sessions.
  • With a small research grant, she spent a summer at the University of New Hampshire conducting research on the history of hypnosis and the available academic studies on hypnosis. She authored a research paper that MUFON distributed to prominent abduction researchers. (Precise date is not certain.) She offered a strong opinion concerning the use and misuse of hypnosis to recover repressed memories. This led to an invitation to meet with a team of mental health professionals at a MUFON International UFO Symposium in Denver, CO, to discuss the Hills’ hypnosis and her own ethics concerns regarding uncertified amateur hypnotists. Kathleen is not certain of the precise date, but this might have been in 1994 or 1995, when Dan C. Overlade, David Gotlib, Stuart Appelle, Georgia Flamburis, and Mark Rodeghier writing sections on hypnosis and an “Ethical Code for Abduction Experience Investigation and Treatment” for the “MUFON Field Investigator’s Manual.”
  • Kathleen initiated a letter writing campaign to set the record straight on the Hill case by offering factually accurate information regarding false information presented on “NOVA” and in “Parade Magazine.” Those who disseminated false information ignored her.
  • Kathleen met (separately) with Budd Hopkins, John Carpenter, and John Mack to discuss her conscious memories of UFO abduction. Dr. Mack made a video recording of her visit to his office in Cambridge, MA. She had intended to take this information to her grave. Recently, colleagues convinced her to speak about her memories for the benefit of experiencers. She has written briefly concerning some of her personal events. (She will not release her confidential files to members of the so called “skeptical community.” She insists on confidentiality and has a long history of protecting experiencers from attack by this ilk.
  • At the turn of the twenty-first century, Kathleen formally addressed researchers on the Hill case at the Encounters at Indian Head Symposium, hosted by Karl Pflock and Peter Brookesmith. She also spoke informally to members of the group and she and Betty guided them to the close encounter field in Lincoln, and the abduction site in Thornton, NH. For years, Kathleen looked for other plausible abduction sites but, in the end could find nothing that matched Betty’s description of the site and Barney’s sketch.
  • Kathleen continued her UFO and abduction investigations in New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. She was fully aware of and concerned about the emotional consequences of UFO interrogations/investigations on abductees. They are different than UFO witnesses because they have suffered trauma, not only related to their events, but also when they were interviewed by insensitive field investigators. The impact intensified when their identities were made public. Her advocacy work began during this period. She made the decision to investigate abductions only under the strict condition of confidentiality and thereafter, most of her investigations were conducted privately.


  • Kathleen continued her discussions with Karl Pflock (1943-2006) regarding his investigation of the Hill case. She was fully aware of his professional history in the intelligence community. He had given a copy of his resume’ to Betty. In this period, Kathleen and Betty advised him that a fragment of his work was flawed because he had developed an untenable hypothesis regarding the tones on the trunk of the Hills’ 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Betty and Kathleen attempted to convince him that he had misunderstood the meaning of Betty’s remarks to him, but he insisted upon publicizing his hypothesis. At the end of his investigation, he publicly endorsed the Hills’ abduction event on a television show and in his chapter “A Singular Visitation” in his book “Encounters at Indian Head.”
  • Karl Pflock and arch skeptic Peter Brookesmith invited Kathleen to contribute a chapter for their book “Encounters at Indian Head.” They requested a chapter on psychic phenomena, but Kathleen chose not to disclose the details pertaining to confidential experiments that Betty had participated in. Kathleen wrote only of the documented facts pertaining to the Hill case. They decided not to include her chapter in their book because a different author had already written this chapter. (*Kathleen received a personal invitation to attend Karl’s funeral.)
  • Kathleen worked closely with analytical chemist Phyllis Budinger, MSc, to forward her analysis of the residue on the dress Betty was wearing on the night of her UFO abduction. Betty had grown tired of cutting swatches from her  her dress for scientific analysis, but Kathleen convinced her to cooperate with Phyllis and drove her to Rochester, NY, to meet with Phyllis at MUFON’s 2002 International Symposium. Kathleen’s archival collection contains evidence of a long history of written correspondence with Phyllis Budinger.
  • In 2004, Phyllis Budinger sent swatches from Betty’s dress and a blood sample from Betty for DNA analysis. One DNA sequence from the right sleeve of Betty’s dress was human mitochondrial DNA from an unknown source, homo sapiens isolate YYM22D-loop, partial sequence. It had the genetic structure of the Hmong-Mien speaking populations of East Asia as revealed by mtDNA lineages. Kathleen’s cursory search for information revealed that speakers of Hmong-Mien are distributed primarily in south China and southeast Asia. The Hmong-speaking and Mien-speaking populations are often referred to as Miao and Yao, respectively.
  • Years later, Kathleen’s discussion with Phyllis generated interest  in learning more about the Hmong people, who were  historically recorded as having blonde hair and blue eyes, a rare feature among the Chinese and Southeast Asian populations. Who were these people and why was this DNA on Betty’s dress? Additional DNA analysis might increase our knowledge of this population.
  •  Kathleen suspected Betty’s blue dress was homemade because it had a light green zipper and did not have a manufacturer’s tag. Betty made some of her own clothing and Kathleen’s mother and grandmother sewed for Betty.
  • Years later, Ben Hanson and Kathleen were at the University of New Hampshire, Milne Special Collections Library to film a segment for the Travel Channel. (Kathleen had contributed the collection to UNH as the executor of Betty's estate. Kathleen’s contract with the special collection’s library grants her the sole right to cut swaths from Betty’s dress and to approve requests for fabric samples. During his examination of the dress, Ben discovered a tiny “Garment Workers of America” tag concealed in a seam. We now know that the dress was manufactured in America and can speculate that Betty or someone else altered it to fit her petite frame. This was a widespread practice in New Hampshire in 1961. Kathleen knew Betty well and can state that Betty was more concerned about getting the job done than in the aesthetic value of having a matching zipper.
  • During her in-depth investigation of Betty and Barney’s UFO abduction, Kathleen interviewed Walter Webb, the original NICAP investigator on the couple’s UFO experience. He contributed copies of his selected personal files to her research endeavor and personal collection. She interviewed Colonel Ben Swett and comparex notes and documents on his relationship with the Hills. She contacted the families of Robert Hohmann and discussed the legal use of their correspondence files with the Hills. The family did not favor the revelation of his and C.D. Jackson’s secret experiments with Betty, but a legal avenue opened for the inclusion of limited material regarding their work on the Hill case. Kathleen corresponded with a scientist whose identity she concealed, due to his prominence in his field. It  pertained to the Hills’ descriptions of the ETs. She also has archival evidence on the descriptive details pertaining to the Hills’ memories of the ETs with  artist David Baker. In short, Kathleen conducted an enormous amount of research and investigation for her book.
  • Additionally, she corresponded with Dr. Simon’s sons regarding one derogatory letter, written on Dr. Simon’s stationery in an alleged communication with Philip Klass, who is widely referred to as the most prolific anti-UFO propagandist of the 20th century. His sons could not endorse the information in the letter and Betty had informed Kathleen that it was a hoax perpetrated by Philip Klass. She advised Kathleen that Dr. Simon did not care for Philip Klass or his tactics. Kathleen has a letter that Dr. Simon wrote to the Hills regarding Klass’ tactics. (Robert Sheaffer, protégé of Klass, has a few additional letters that Dr. Simon allegedly wrote to Philip Klass. However, their authenticity has not been verified.)
  • During Kathleen’s investigation of the Hill case, she made numerous trips to southern Quebec, northern New Hampshire, and along the Hill’s close encounter route with and without Betty. Kathleen drove Betty on innumerable trips along the close encounter route to the abduction site while Betty repeatedly described her memories in detail. Kathleen measured distances, calculated times spent, and the length of the Hills’ observational stops, to establish an approximate timeline for the Hills’ sighting, close encounter, and abduction. Kathleen is aware that her work has been minimized by those who desire to paint her only as a family member. But this is another example of erroneous assumptions made by people who were unfamiliar with Kathleen’s work.
  •  Kathleen and her husband drove the entire route that the Hills traveled from Niagara Falls, through Ontario and Quebec, Vermont, and New Hampshire, stopping in the same locations, spending nights in the same areas, at the same time of year, and on the same roads when possible.
  • Kathleen compared the documented evidence in the Hill case and the hypnosis recordings with John Fuller’s narrative in “Interrupted Journey.” She discovered that he had fictionalized parts of the Hills’ events. She later found his reasons for this distortion when she conducted research at his archival collection at Boston University. His publisher had refused to publish the book unless he modified the true series of events on the night of their UFO close encounter and abduction. The hypnosis transcription is not entirely accurate, and segments of it are out of sequential order.
  • In 2003, MUFON dedicated its annual “International UFO Proceedings” proceedings to Kathleen Marden for her “most outstanding contribution to the Mutual UFO Network.” MUFON wrote, “Public recognition is hereby bestowed upon Kathleen F. Marden, who during her 12 years with MUFON has held a number of important positions and is always ready to support MUFON initiatives in a positive way. As a field investigator she saw the need for regular, structured training of new investigators and accepted the position of Director of Field Investigator Training. It is an honor and a privilege to dedicate the MUFON 2003 International UFO Symposium Proceedings to this dedicated MUFON member.”
  • In 2004, Kathleen’s chapter on the Betty and Barney Hill case was published in “The World’s Best UFO Cases,” edited by Dwight Connelly, “MUFON UFO Network Journal” editor. Kathleen had contributed articles to the “MUFON UFO Journal” and remained active in MUFON leadership.
  • On October 17, 2004, Betty Hill died from metastatic lungcancer. Kathleen fulfilled her responsibilities as executor and trustee of her estate. She was responsible for selecting documents from Betty’s files for the archival record that would be housed in a permanent collection at the Milne Special Collections Library, UNH Library, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH. Kathleen retains a private collection of the archival record, the files she has personally collected that were not in Betty’s collection, and her own investigative and research files.
  • Following Betty’s death, Kathleen granted interviews to the mainstream media in newspapers and televised interviews.
  • Prior to her death, Betty had advised Kathleen that if she desired assistance with the book she was writing, she should contact Stanton Friedman. Coral Lorenzen has asked Stanton to meet with Marjorie Fish, evaluate her work, and if he discovered that her work rose to the level that deserved vetting by scientists, to locate scientists to vet Marjorie’s work.
  • Not long before Barney’s death in 1969, Stanton had dinner with Betty and Barney and spoke with them about their UFO experience. He was embroiled in the controversy surrounding Betty’s star map and Marjorie’s identification of the star on her map. Stanton convinced Terence Dickinson to publicize Marjorie’s work. Stanton spoke of this repeatedly and authored numerous articles on it. This was Stanton’s area of expertise.
  • Kathleen had no interest in investigating Betty’s star map or writing about the nasty “skeptics” who had distorted the truth in the archival record. The academic study of astronomy did not interest her, and Kathleen’s research has always extended to investigation and original research, not simply what she has read in books written by others. Her educational background in social science cautioned her to be skeptical regarding Betty’s dream memories.
  •  In 2005, Kathleen invited Stanton T. Friedman to collaborate with her on sections of her book. They discussed this at MUFON’s International Symposium. Kathleen had conducted years of investigation and research into the case and had slowly compiled accurate information. She also had all Betty's files. Stanton would not make a decision until he visited Kathleen’s home to review Betty’s archival collection and Kathleen’s work on the book.
  •  He visited Kathleen’s home in early November 2005, and Kathleen permitted him to make photocopies of Betty’s archival documents. He was particularly interested in Betty’s files on various star map investigations. They discussed Kathleen’s book, and he read some of her early drafts and notes.
  •  After he had reviewed Kathleen’s and Betty’s files, he agreed to contribute to her book because, he said her work was “unbiased.” Kathleen invited him to write an additional chapter on Rear Admiral Herbert Bain Knowles and Wilbert Brockhouse Smith, but he declined. He has time for two chapters.
  •  Stanton and Kathleen drafted a book proposal and submitted it to Stanton’s literary agent John White. John read Kathleen’s manuscript and agreed to represent Kathleen and Stanton as their literary agent. Kathleen and Stanton signed a publishing contract with New Page Books. Kathleen converted her book’s voice from first to third person and added Stanton’s two chapters and preface.
  • New Page Book’s legal department and John White asked Kathleen to rewrite sections of her book to bring them into compliance with copyright law and the use of personal correspondence by writers to Betty. Copyright law necessitated the limitation of quotes from the Hill’s hypnosis transcript, especially those that appeared in “The Interrupted Journey” by John Fuller. Additionally, scientists that she had quoted and identified wished to remain anonymous. Due to legal concerns, she rewrote book sections and did not publish most of the correspondence from scientists to Betty.
  • The publisher advised Kathleen and Stanton that his name must appear above hers because he was better known, and the book would sell better. Kathleen agreed to this condition, but her name appears first on the copyright.
  •  Stanton, Bruce Maccabee, Linda Moulton Howe, John Schuessler, and Yvonne Smith reviewed Kathleen’s chapters prior to the publication of “Captured!” Stanton asked Bruce Maccabee to write the foreword. Kathleen and Stanton wrote separate prefaces. Kathleen added an introduction. Kathleen had investigated, researched, and written 85% of the book. It was published in the UFOs/Paranormal genre. In 2015 Rosen Publishing published a library copy of “Captured” under the title “Off the Record! True Stories of Alien Abduction.”
  • On March 23, 2006, Kathleen drafted a thirteen-page critique titled “Another Look at the Harvard False Memory Study” on her evaluation of Susan Clancy, et al. social research study on the formation of false memories on self-identified experiencers at Harvard University and Clancy’s inaccurate book. Kathleen had conducted a critical social research analysis of two memory studies that Clancy, et al had conducted on a small group of self-identified UFO abductees. She sought to identify variables that impacted the outcome of the academic studies and flaws indicating bias. She discovered them.
  • “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” was released in 2007. It was a bestseller in its genre. New Page Books sent Kathleen a gift basket when the book elevated to number one. New Hampshire newspapers featured Kathleen’s work and she presented regional lectures on her research and investigation on the Hill case.
  • Initially, Stanton participated in most radio interviews to promote the book due to a flareup in Kathleen’s debilitating neuromuscular disorder. She simply felt too exhausted to grant late night interviews. But when Kathleen discovered that Stanton’s colleagues were erroneously attributing her work to Stanton, she decided to set the record straight. She was concerned about inaccurate comments pertaining to her knowledge and investigation of the Hill incident. She desired the recognition that she deserved for the enormous amount of work she had accomplished and objected to the misappropriation of credit. Stanton agreed with Kathleen and he personally set the record straight on several joint radio interviews.
  • Kathleen’s paper on Betty and Barney Hill was published in the “MUFON 2007 International Symposium Proceedings” and she presented a PowerPoint lecture on the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction. (Kathleen did not receive a copy of the proceedings, so she is not certain of the title of her paper. Her lecture title was “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.”
  • Betty and Barney Hills’ Special Collection officially opened at UNH and Kathleen lectured on her work on the case and the archival collection that she had assembled at Betty’s request.
  • Kathleen appeared live in an interview at Boston University, with UNH professor David Watters, PhD and research astronomer Rudy Schild, PhD. From the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
  • Kathleen asked Stanton to mentor her on his personal investigative and research history in the UFO research field, information that went deeper than what she had read and heard in his lectures. He gave her copies of selected files from his collection and discussed his personal history with her.
  • After years of scholarly research on hypnosis and to gain a better understanding of its practical application, Kathleen undertook formal training in hypnotherapy, hypnotic regression, advanced hypnotic regression, hypnotherapy to resolve PTSD, past life regression, forensic hypnosis, etc. as a certified hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. She quietly and cautiously conducted hypnosis with selected experiencers. She has always complied with HIPAA laws.
  • Kathleen was fully aware of the level of distortion and the antics of the “debunking” community and refused to engage these unseemly people. One of her primary objectives has been to distribute accurate information while concealing the identities of the people whose anomalous experiences she has investigated.
  • Kathleen traveled across the US to lecture on her work and findings.
  • Kathleen presented her research paper titled, “The Conundrum of Alien Abduction” at MUFON’s 2010 International Symposium. She had reviewed academic studies on UFO abductees and Leo Sprinkle has vetted her work for accuracy. Her paper was published in “MUFON’s 2010 International UFO Symposium Proceedings.”
  • Stanton invited Kathleen to coauthor a second book titled “It’s Impossible, Isn’t It?” Later, their publisher titled it “Science Was Wrong.” Each author contributed seven chapters and promoted the book jointly. The book was published by New Page Books in 2010. It is in the science/history genre.
  • Kathleen had attempted to locate Rear Admiral Herbert Knowles’ correspondence files during her research endeavor on “Captured.” To generate awareness in the Knowles family, she spoke of this in her radio interviews and at speaking engagements in New Hampshire and Maine. Finally, Admiral Knowles’ granddaughter delivered a packet of the correspondence files to Kathleen and requested her participation in publishing the information in the file.
  • He and Wilbert Smith had communicated interesting information held by the Canadian Government. Later, they collaborated on an unorthodox study pertaining to messages that alleged ETs had communicated telepathically. In 1954, Frances Swan, a woman from Maine, had delivered a thick packet of scientifically advanced information to Admiral Knowles. Because of the scientific nature of the information and because it might affect national security, he passed it to Maine US Senator Margaret Chase Smith, and she passed it to Dwight Eisenhower. Kathleen quietly researched evidence of contact experiments that involved the CIA and US Navy officers. Due to the nature of this secret study, Kathleen locked it in a file cabinet for several years. Years later, she shared her files with Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron, and he shared some of his files with her.


  • In 2011, Kathleen and Denise Stoner began their work with several expert consultants to develop protocols for the “Investigation of Alien Abduction” for “MUFON’s Field Investigator Training Manual.” A year later, Kathleen wrote this section of the manual.
  • In late 2011, MUFON appointed Kathleen Director of Abduction Studies with assistant director Craig Lang. Budd Hopkins and John Carpenter had previously held this position in the organization.
  • Additionally, MUFON appointed her to the position of Team Leader of MUFON’s Abduction Research Team. Later, her title changed to Director of Experiencer Research and Director of the Experiencer Research Team. Over a ten-year period, Kathleen expanded her team from three members to forty-five trained, seasoned specialists and attracted several PhD and MD psychological and research consultants. At the height of her work, Kathleen and her team interviewed and collected evidence (when possible) from more than a hundred people each month. All who worked confidentially with people seeking assistance were seasoned specialists.
  •  In 2015, she appointed George Medich, MD, a retired orthopedic surgeon, to the position of assistant director. The enormous scope of her work in the UFO field necessitated the presence of a competent assistant to manage the day-to-day operations of the team. They held monthly training meetings via the Internet and attracted international academic interest. Dr. Medich volunteered on MUFON’s Science Board and has collaborated with a team of consultants to develop protocols for the extraction and scientific study of possible unearthly implants in experiencer’s bodies.
  •  For approximately six years, Kathleen attended an invitation only gathering of UFO abduction experiencers, mental health professionals, and scientists. This afforded her the opportunity to discuss her work and participate in discussions on contact with non-human intelligence and UFO abductions. Budd Hopkins and John Mack had previously been attendees at this gathering.
  • She was an invited guest at “The Gathering” in Bucks County, PA. It was a lavish two-day gathering and conference for a broad cross section of investigators, researchers, scientists, academics, and retired military officers.
  • For two years, Kathleen and Denise Stoner collaborated on a study of UFO abduction experiencers to identify characteristics that experiencers share that are not common in the general population. Phase two of the study focused on the technology that abduction experiencers had observed during their time in a non-human environment. Fifty abductees and twenty-five members of the general population participated in the study.
  •  Stanton Friedman vetted Kathleen’s statistical analysis. Kathleen authored a report for MUFON and a condensed report for the “MUFON UFO Journal.” It was a small study of seventy-five people by two UFO researchers/investigators who sought quantitative and quantitative evidence regarding the ET abduction experience.
  • In 2013 or so, Kathleen accepted an invitation to sit on the Advisory Board of what would later be known as the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. Reinerio Hernandez, J.D., M.C.P., Ph.D. Candidate founded the organization. He lacked familiarity with the orthodox UFO field, so Kathleen had many conversations with Rey to offer guidance and assistance. She urged him to develop an organizational structure and to attract PhD academics to his organization. She collaborated with several retired academics and prominent UFO abduction researchers and assisted on phase one of FREE’s Experiencer Questionnaire. She served as a research advisor and remained active, as much as was possible considering her workload.
  •  As the project progressed, Rey shared statistics with Kathleen and other researchers closely tied to the study. Reinerio Hernandez, J.D., M.C.P., Ph.D. Candidate, Robert Davis, Ph.D., Russell Scalpone, Ph.D., and Rudolph Schild, Ph.D. authored a scholarly paper on FREE’s study titled “A Study on Reported Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Associated Contact with Non-Human Intelligence,” and published in “The Journal of Scientific Exploration.”  
  • In 2013, Kathleen coauthored, “The Alien Abduction Files” with Denise Stoner, on six of her most interesting private case investigations. Previously and before she collaborated with Denise, she had investigated the Stoner family’s abduction events and collected evidence. Kathleen traveled to Colorado as part of her investigation and to the location of a second abduction incident in Florida. Denise wrote about her own insights regarding her anomalous experiences and assisted in writing the introduction and part of the last chapter. Kathleen has always prioritized confidentiality in her investigations and research, so she had intended to protect the identities of all abductees whose identities were not previously publicized. However, as a condition for publication by New Page Books, the Stoners signed a release permitting this public disclosure. The book is in the UFO/Paranormal genre. In 2015, Rosen Publishing published a library copy of their book titled “Making Contact: Alien Abduction Case Studies.”
  • Over a multi-year period, Kathleen made three research trips and a total of six visits to The American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, PA, where she researched the archival collections of anti-UFO propagandist Philip Klass and the correspondence files and papers of coterie of UFO “skeptics.” She photocopied files and shared them with Stanton Friedman. Stanton joined Kathleen and researcher and filmmaker Jennifer Stein on their last trip visit to the APS.
  • To honor a request by Stanton, during their first trip to the APS Kathleen and Jennifer looked for a Stanton Friedman file in Philip Klass’ archival collection. Klass had retained correspondence files labeled with pioneer UFO researchers’ names, and Stanton probably had more correspondence with Klass than anyone else, but Kathleen and Jennifer could not locate a Stanton Friedman file. Stanton spoke with staff at the APS about contributing his own correspondencefile, but this did not occur.
  • Kathleen contributed two articles to “Open Minds” magazine. One addressed distortion regarding the Betty and Barney Hill case and the other offered insight into the connection between Philip Klass, Robert Low, and Edward Condon. It offered insight into Klass’ attempts to influence the outcome of the “Scientific Study on UFOs.” The information for her second article came from Philip Klass’ archival collection at the A.P.S. During her career she has contributed articles to various UFO magazines, but she has often been too busy to accept requests.
  • In 2016, Kathleen and Stanton released their third book “Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers.” Kathleen had conducted research at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, and ordered photocopies of selected files that she used as a basis for her statements in her book. She sent her research files from the APS to Stanton for his use. During her last trip, Jennifer Stein photographed the documents they examined. The three researchers shared copies of the archival records. Additionally, Kathleen used archival records from various sources that she listed in the bibliography. It is in the UFO/Conspiracy genre.
  • 2015-2018: MUFON’s Board of Directors approved Kathleen’s proposal for a major study on experiencers, with support from social scientists. ERT members conducted a quantitative and qualitative analysis on 516 experiencers. Don C. Donderi, PhD and Kathleen Marden collaborated on phase 2 of MUFON’s multiyear comprehensive study on UFO abductees. Phase 2 participants completed “The American Personality Inventory” a psychological measure to identify participants with “UFO Abduction Syndrome” as a separate group from “simulators” and “controls.
  •  In 2018, Kathleen and Dr. Donderi authored scholarly papers on MUFON’s UFO Abduction Experiencer Study for “MUFON’s 2018 International Symposium Proceedings.” They presented the research team’s findings, in separate presentations, at MUFON’s 2018 International Symposium.
  • Kathleen authored a chapter titled “Communication with UAP Related Non-Human Intelligence: The Early Years” in “Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence.” It was published in 2018. She mentioned the secret communication study that Rear Admiral Herbert Knowles and Wilbert Smith participated in.
  • Kathleen presented a lecture on Knowles and Smith at Contact in the Desert. Following her lecture, an incredibly angry man in a suit informed her that she would suffer retribution for this disclosure. 
  • From 2016-2018 Kathleen agreed to collaborate on a secret study, experiment, and investigation, with colleagues, skeptics, and remote viewers. Due to its unorthodox nature, this work was not part of her formal work in the UFO research field. Kathleen had grown tired of walking on a treadmill of investigative work with experiencers and thought that she had reached the end of her path as an investigator. She sought answers to the greater meaning of contact with non-human intelligence.
  •  As part of her abduction and ET contact studies, Kathleen had previously collected qualitative evidence of the messages that ETs had allegedly imparted to abductees and experiencers. Additionally, numerous “communicators” had corresponded with her on the messages they had received. She was quietly conducting a comparative analysis of the messages she had collected from various sources. She accepted an invitation to participate in a study on the condition that she and Denise Stoner would collect evidence via the use of a laser thermometer, magnetometer, TriField meter, etc. They sought to determine the source and veracity of telepathically received information by a UFO contact/abduction experiencer. (Kathleen had already interviewed the man regarding his personal history, his conscious recall of contact with NHI, and a “missing time” experience after he witnessed a landed craft. She had also hypnotized him.)
  • The research team collected evidence using their UFO investigative equipment and observations of the experimental environment and recorded this in their files. They shared information on their personal physical sensations and observations regarding an anomalous presence and received detailed information from a consciousness that called itself “The Council of Eight.”
  • Kathleen and her fellow researchers were aware of other undisclosed and disclosed experiments of this nature. Dr. Melanie Barton Bragg, an ordained minister and psychotherapist assessed the psychological stability of the experiencer and facilitated the meetings. Denise Stoner documented physical evidence of an anomalous presence. Kathleen recorded the sessions and transcribed them. As was true in the Knowles/Smith experiments, the study left unanswerable questions.
  • Kathleen authored “Extraterrestrial Contact: What to do When You’ve Been Abducted” (2019) for MUFON. Her publisher gave her a short timeline, so she employed three colleagues to contribute their expertise in chapters in her book. It is a self-help book for UFO abductees and experiencers of various perplexing phenomena. It has been referred to as “the best book ever written on the subject” and a “must read.” It has helped countless people who are struggling with their personal NHI related events. As a MUFON benefactor she shares royalties with MUFON and donates copies of her book to MUFON’s Bookstore. It was published as a MUFON imprint by Red Wheel Weiser. The genre is not listed on the book’s cover.
  • In 2021, the International UFO Congress awarded Kathleen its "Lifetime Achievement Award."
  • In 2021, at the request of her publisher New Page Books, Kathleen updated “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” in a second edition.
  • Kathleen resigned as MUFON’s ERT Director in 2021, due to her husband’s hospitalization with a near-fatal case of sepsis. She cared for him during his months of convalescence and managed the family business.
  • In 2022, MUFON’s leadership appointed Dr. Medich Director of the ERT. Today the ERT is a team of sixty-one trained specialists who assist people who are having difficulty  coping with their UFO experiences. 
  • The ERT has a mentoring program for MUFON field investigators who want to join the ERT but lack sufficient knowledge and experience to perform in this field. Additionally, six psychologists and psychiatrists volunteer as consultants to the  team, and there are three research consultants. In 2023, Kathleen continues to support the ERT as a consultant and trainer. MUFON’s website credits her as “Founder of MUFON’s Experiencer Resource Team.”
  • Until the COVID-19 pandemic altered her work, Kathleen traveled to speak at conferences nationally and internationally. She has lectured live in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and California, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, and virtually in additional states and foreign countries. Her lectures to college audiences were in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and California.
  • She has appeared as an on-camera expert on television and video productions. IMDb lists thirty-eight. One production slandered Stanton and seriously distorted Kathleen’s commentary on the Betty and Barney Hill incident. Few offered a secret negative agenda. The most egregious violation occurred when a show misapplied her accurate, detailed commentary on two Florida MUFON cases to an entirely different case on which she had not commented. Additionally, her interview on the Western Massachusetts Thomas Reed family case misidentified her as a local UFO investigator. Kathleen has heard many disgruntled ufologists complain about this problem with production companies who do not care about the truth or are promoting a false agenda.
  • She traveled to Louisiana to conduct a hypnosis session with Calvin Parker, at his request. Philip Mantle transcribed the session, and it was published in Calvin’s book.
  • In 2023, Philip Mantle invited Kathleen to write a chapter on her work with Calvin Parker for a book he and Dr. Irena Scott were writing. Kathleen authored a twenty-one-page paper as a contribution to their book but does not know if he published it.
  • Kathleen and two colleagues host monthly meetings with a group of experiencers who have processed and recovered from the trauma they experienced earlier in their lives.


  • July 2022: Kathleen presented a lecture titled “Betty and Barney Hill, The Documented Evidence and Media Spin: Then and Now” at MUFON’s International Symposium in Denver, CO. Her paper was published in the MUFON International UFO Proceedings.
  • In 2022, having retired from the orthodox UFO research and investigation field, and to generate income as a writer, Kathleen authored a book in a new genre. “Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation” was a lighthearted summer read on esoteric knowledge and spiritual consciousness and a memoir and brief overview of her life history dating back to early childhood. It gives insight into her emotional development, firsthand experiences, and her concerns regarding the decline in human civility. She updated her book in a second edition in August 2023.
  • Kathleen celebrated her 75th birthday on August 4, and looks forward to pursuing her work as an anomalous phenomena researcher, on spiritual consciousness studies, and the history of non-human intelligence in religious doctrine. She and her colleague Dr. Melanie Barton Bragg are working on a survey on religious belief and extraterrestrial life, and they are planning to collaborate on a book to aid the religious community in its struggle to integrate accepted religious doctrine with UFO revelations by the US Government and military officers.
  • Kathleen has immense respect and appreciation for research and support efforts within the UFO abduction community by Budd Hopkins and Betty Hill. Each sought real answers regarding the true nature of contact with non-human intelligence. Like Budd, Kathleen has worked directly with innumerable abductees/ET contact experiencers and with the academic community on groundbreaking abduction experiencer studies.
  •  Betty Hill was a bona fide ET contact experiencer, explorer, and experimenter. She understood the complexity of various phenomena related to contact and bravely sought answers despite excessive ridicule and distortion by the so-called “skeptical community” and nuts and bolts UFO investigators.
  •  The so-called “skeptical community” and enforcers of “the great taboo” subjected Budd and Betty to an extraordinary amount of criticism and distortion. Nevertheless, they contributed a remarkable body of work to forward a deeper understanding of abduction by non-human entities and the phenomena surrounding it. Kathleen has modeled her career on the work of these two extraordinary individuals.
  • Kathleen is proud of her own achievements in the UFO research, investigation, and support communities.
  • Although Stanton Friedman and Kathleen chose completely different areas of specialization and collaborated with different members of the UFO community, her work and friendship with Stanton was gratifying. Stanton often asked Kathleen about UFO abductions, and occasionally he referred abduction reporters to her. The two quietly worked on a leaked document in Stanton’s possession. Kathleen offered her opinion of the veracity of its content as it pertained to ET contact. There was more but Kathleen did not document this work.
  • Kathleen is a vocal advocate for truth in a perilous field that is systemically dismissive of the perplexing nature of contact with non-humans and the paraphysical phenomena that seasoned investigators quietly acknowledge. 
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