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Recipient of MUFON's 2012 "Ufologist of the Year" award  

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  • Recipient of MUFON's 2012 "Ufologist of the Year" award 

Imagine an environment where careful, scientifically oriented research has given way to sensationalism. Where the public’s perception of a phenomenon has transformed into a distorted image and history is being rewritten to push excellent research into obscurity. Disinformation steps up to replace the truth with nonsense in the minds and imaginations of the unsuspecting public and the noisiest attention seekers move to the forefront.

Imagine a world where media coverage of alien intervention has generated an image of hostile ETs preparing warlike Earthlings for interstellar warfare; missing children are harvested by carnivorous ETs for their dining pleasure; sexually predatory ETs like nothing better than raping sleeping women; and the terror or human mutilation by sadistic ETs becomes a real possibility for anyone naive enough to visit a national park or take a walk in the woods.

Imagine for a moment that evil entities have slipped into the bodies of unsuspecting political leaders around the world and are taking control. A cabal of elitists with a penchant for self aggrandizement are plotting to take over world governments and control “we the people” in a totalitarian state. Imagine a race bent on the extermination of the human population in favor of a hybrid race of Godless zombies. Sound too absurd to be true? It probably is. 

Imagine for a moment, the promotion of increasingly salacious personal accounts of alleged alien contact, without compelling evidence; of distorting the public’s perception of the abduction phenomenon; of experiencers competing to rise to the top of the heap by presenting the most fantastic accounts of alien intervention. Of entering an uneasy path where anything goes and subjective accounts of contact, without evidence, are given equal weight to compelling evidence cases that have withstood the test of time.

Would you agree that the trend away from scientific inquiry and into sensationalism is disturbing? Do you think that paranoia is at an all time high? Do you think that this trend might convince the public that all accounts of alien abduction are too absurd to be real? Would the possibility of government disclosure of an ET presence become increasingly remote?

Several years ago, I embarked upon an uncertain path, to survey a wide variety of alien abduction literature and follow current trends in the field. Instead of focusing exclusively upon a purely scientific approach I opened myself up to the Internet, radio shows, self published books, and experiencer groups. In addition to this, I used a scientific instrument to reach out to experiencers in order to determine whether they shared common traits. Not only did I acquire a fascinating look into the commonalities that experiencers share, I also received detailed messages from hundreds of individuals. These covered a wide expanse ranging from reports by intelligent, coherent individuals to troubled, irrational people. A few people clued me into their special knowledge of ET secrets, but this information was inconsistent across the experiencer population.

Some experiencers spoke of aliens living inside their mattresses and delivering threatening messages to them. Sometimes I witnessed fantasies develop out of thin air. One woman was convinced that she and her husband had been taken during the night, but when investigated further she alone recalled an abduction. Her husband insisted that he’d awoken to find his wife having what appeared to be a seizure. There was no abduction, but one of the two remains convinced it was real. Some will insist that his memory has been tampered with.

Too many people think that what they believe is true is all that matters. They believe proclamations voiced by contactees, mediums, conspiracy theorists and cult leaders will get us closer to the truth. I disagree. I think you can understand why I’ve decided to look for facts, as opposed to trying to sort out people's fantasies from reality.

Recently, some very good television shows on alien abduction have aired on television. One introduced physical evidence that could not have been manufactured on Earth. But in others the least credible experiencers are receiving the most air time. I know that producers have attempted to interview experiencers with evidence, but most credible people want to avoid publicity. For the most part, only those with little or nothing to lose have the courage to step forward.

From my point of view, with a few exceptions, I am observing a trend toward a departure from scientific investigation and toward extremism. There is a strong push to meld all anomalous human experiences into one pot and no longer separate ET contact from the vast stew of spiritual, religious, inter-dimensional, hyper-dimensional and out of body experiences. If these extremists succeed in their efforts to blend nuts and bolts ET abduction phenomena with a variety of human consciousness experiences, I fear they will succeed in removing it from material scientific investigation altogether. We should not concede to the naysayers who claim alien contact lies outside the realm of scientific investigation.

Certainly the high strangeness aspects of the alien contact phenomenon cannot be fully understood within the tenets of modern scientific materialism. 88% of the participants in “The Marden-Stoner Study on Commonalties Among UFO Abduction Experiencers”  reported specific paranormal activity in their homes that appeared to be  somehow related to being removed from their natural environment by nonhuman entities. Using Occam ’s razor and our currently accepted scientific paradigms, one would be forced to conclude that this phenomenon is purely psychological. Yet, witnesses have observed unconventional craft outside the experiencer’s home during a contact experience. Sometimes physical trace evidence is left on the ground. Often experiencers are returned with highly unusual marks on their bodies and trace evidence on their clothing or bed sheets. Some experiencers have acquired information pertaining to the physics behind the human procurement process. All of this evidence requires scientific investigation. It is scientifically dishonest to dismiss certain aspects of alien contact phenomena simply because it is politically unacceptable. New paradigms are being developed to gain a wider understanding of the alien contact mystery. 

I have written that some of the high strangeness aspects of ET contact phenomena cannot be investigated or understood using our current Western scientific paradigms. We must move beyond purely nuts and bolts science to understand certain aspects of the ET contact experience. But other aspects of the UFO experience are quantifiable with our current scientific paradigms. Historically, the zeitgeist of the old guard has protected its special status, its political institutions, and acceptable procedures.  My book with coauthor Stanton T. Friedman, Science Was Wrong presents case after case of proclamations of impossibility made by powerful scientists who were wrong.  It is never easy.  But in my opinion, we can only understand UFO and ET contact phenomena when we combine currently accepted scientific paradigms with new paradigms founded in theoretical physics. Yet, too often strong opinions set us upon a black or white, all or nothing path. The failure to consider all aspects of this perplexing phenomenon will only delay scientific discovery.

I am a researcher who accepts the idea that this phenomenon can only be fully understood when we combine old and new scientific paradigms, regardless of how uncomfortable the fit is. Personally, I am most comfortable with the collection of material evidence. Other researchers are more comfortable with theoretical physics and a variety of paranormal experiences. If we work together we will move closer to the answers that we all seek. 

Kathleen Marden


“The topic of alien abduction is complex and controversial. This book comes closer than others, bringing clarity to the haze of controversy. Marden and Stoner have done a fine job with this groundbreaking investigation of fascinating multi-witness cases. While alien motivations remain unclear, this foundational work brings clarity to personal events by experiencers. Very well done indeed.”

Stanton Friedman (Foreword written by retired nuclear physicist/ scientific ufologist Stanton T. Friedman)

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The MUTUAL UFO NETWORK awarded me the "Researcher of the Year" trophy. (Photo credit: Harry Drew)

MUFON honored me with the 2012 "Ufologist of the Year" award.

The State of NH erected this historical marker on Route 3, North Lincoln, one mile north of the Hills' close encounter field and on the Indian Head Resort's property.  (Credit: Peter Spanos)

My first two books were coauthored with Stanton T. Friedman.

Photo by Alejandro Rojas  

My coauthor on two books, Stanton Friedman, has been my mentor and colleague for many years. We are continuing to work cooperatively toward solving the UFO mystery,  

I am primarily an independent researcher, writer and speaker. Opinions expressed by my colleagues do not necessarily reflect my own point of view. If you have a question, please ask me directly. No one speaks for me.

This photo of Betty and I was taken in 2003, a year prior to her death from lung cancer. She was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments when this photo was taken.  

Credit: Fran Geremia