I want to introduce you to the Council of Eight. I and a team of researchers met them in 2016, thanks to an invitation from contact experiencer Kevin Briggs. He and they invited us to meet once a month to ask questions and receive evidence of their reality. We agreed and embarked on a journey of understanding that we had not previously envisioned. Today, we meet, as a group, two or three times a year. However, we can contact these kind souls whenever we wish.  

     Rah and Sheeva are ninth dimensional pure consciousness. He is not the Egyptian God Ra but he is the Lead Council for the Council of Eight. Sheeva, who looks like Rah, but sometimes resembles an angel, is a ninth dimensional healer. She is not one of the principal deities of Hinduism known as Shiva or Mahadeva. She loves healing people and is of great assistance to me. Rah and Sheeva are close to the creator but they are not the creator. They are close to the divine but they are not divine. 

     The other Council of Eight members are fifth and sixth dimensional entities. I have interacted with Jark, off and on, for six years. 

     You can read about the Council of Eight and one hundred and twenty of our questions and their answers in "Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey From Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation."