Tech to Assist with UFO and

Paranormal Detection

Jane Sandwood 

UFO sightings in the USA are reaching new heights with as many as 5,516 sightings being reported in 2016, up from only 307 back in 1990. Paranormal activity has, in fact, made such a huge impact on the nation that more than 40,000 Americans have gone as far as to take out alien abduction insurance.  Even the US government has taken UFO spotters serious enough to initiate the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, of which elements are still considered to be highly classified. If you are an avid believer in all things paranormal, chances are you have been more than tempted to engage in a bout of supernatural spotting yourself. Thanks to a range of technological gadgets, such as the following, you may very well be privy to a special extra-terrestrial encounter.

Commercial UFO detectors

With an increasing number of people reporting UFO sightings, it is not surprising that more UFO detectors are finding their way onto the consumer market. Confirmed UFO sightings often coincide with severe electromagnetic disturbances. A magnetometer is able to detect these anomalies, indicating the possible presence of a UFO.  A popular model available on order from Amazon consists of a detector unit with 13 LED lights that light up in a circular pattern when in detection mode. Once an incongruity is detected all the lights flash simultaneously and an alarm sounds.   

Smartphones and tablets

If you are at the right place at the right time you might be able to capture a UFO sighting on your tablet or smartphone, if you are fortunate enough to have a device with a really good camera that is. Mobile technology has advanced so much over recent years that cellphones are being readily used to capture a number of celestial manifestations including solar and lunar eclipses and UFO sightings. When capturing your UFO sightings with any device it comes highly recommended that you make use of a time and date stamp to ensure that the authenticity of your footage is not questioned. You can also use your smart device to download one of numerous UFO applications that all claim to have the ability to effectively detect nearby UFO and other supernatural activity.

Ambient temperature & electromagnetic field sensors

While you might not be able to detect a UFO with an Ambient Temperature Sensor, chances are that you will uncover any other forms of paranormal activity in your vicinity. Cold spots are often indicative of supernatural activity, which is why an ATS device can be so handy.  A standard ATS has a temperature gauge and real-time LED display at the top of it. There are also two lights that will alert you when sudden drastic temperature changes occur that can be suggestive of the presence of a paranormal being. Electromagnetic field detectors (EMF) are possibly the most popular paranormal detectors available on the market. These devices are designed to detect changes in the electromagnetic field directly around it with an alarm sounding if any sudden radical changes are detected.

After decades of UFO sightings the scientific proof is staggering that we share our universe with innumerable other life forms.  While many people are happy to read about the experiences of others, some will undoubtedly prefer to seek out their own encounters. Thanks to various documented UFO hotspots and ever-increasing technology it has become quite possible for even an Average Joe to experience an encounter of the supernatural kind.