MUFON'S Experiencer Research Project

Kathleen Marden: Director

MUFON's Experiencer Research Team is excited to announce that our "Experiencer Survey" and API have been completed. You can purchase the report from MUFON or request it from me at

Abstract: MUFON Experiencer Research Team Director Kathleen Marden, in cooperation with Dr. Don C. Donderi, a retired psychology professor and statistician at McGill University, has completed a multi-year, comprehensive study on individuals who have reported experiencing various types of contact with nonhuman intelligent entities (NHI) of purported extraterrestrial origin. Dr. Donderi administered the American Personality Inventory, a test developed by Ted Davis and the late Budd Hopkins in collaboration with Dr. Donderi, to identify abductees as a separate group who exhibit the symptoms of “UFO Abduction Syndrome.” Their responses are compared and contrasted with the responses from “contactees” who have reported positive interaction with benevolent non-physical entities and highly negative contact phenomena. The differences between the groups are analyzed in an attempt to determine what is occurring. The implications for humanity’s future are derived from the messages communicated by NHI.

A small sample of one open-ended question:

Our final question to all phase 1 and 2 experiencers was open ended. We stated, “Some experiencers report that the ETs have given them vital information that they wish to convey to mankind. If you’d like to share important information that has been imparted to you by the ET visitors, please do so in the comment box.” We received 159 replies. Among these I looked for insightful general trends in information. They are listed below:

• One reason people frequently find contact with non-human intelligences so traumatizing is that human minds are incredibly defended against contact from or communication with non-human / greater intelligences than their own. This is in part because as a race human we have historically used their own intelligence and identification with their species to subjugate and oppress (i.e. enslave, hunt, kill, eat) sentient beings we deemed to be of lesser intellect than ourselves. This was (arguably) a necessary step in evolution; still it re-mains mostly unprocessed. As a result, this latent supremacism of the human mind is deeply buried and is associated with strong existential fears about what it means to be dehumanized / treated as alien or other. To put it another way, most human minds are ex-tremely resistant to even the possibility of communication from greater (secular) intelligences, as that contact requires a coming to terms with the grievous ways the human species has used its own intelligence to justify behavior that many of us today would consider totally inhuman. So, the denial of non-ordinary (secular) intelligences comes in large part from the shame and anxiety associated with identifying with a race that for all its endearing qualities is still murderous/misogynistic/acquisitive/brutal in its treatment of other intelligent species. That fear is then projected onto anything imagined to possess a greater (secular) intelligence than the human mind—as 1) in human history greater intelligence has been used to justify the abuses of lesser intelligences, so there is some logical precedent to such fears, and 2) in general human minds are far better at projection than witnessing with equanimity. Basically, the force of denial in human beings remains strong. The above aside, it is extremely difficult to communicate (from) a perspective that is existentially threatening to the intended recipient.
• Basically, no matter what information they gave me it won't really change the course that humans decide to take. I can try my hardest to make a difference. Basically, humans are selfish animals.
• I can only remember bits and pieces. It's so fragmented, but I know that I have to stop the destruction to this planet and save the beautiful animals that live here.
• We must unite together in love and raise our vibration as a collective. The higher dimensions are here assisting us. We must unite together and recognize we are all connected so we can evolve and access Christ-consciousness through the 5th dimension.
• If we raise our level of consciousness to a higher level, we are able to achieve more. This is what they are trying to do here. We have been to this position before and we destroyed ourselves. They are fearful that we are in a position to do that again.
• They are here to guide and assist in the development of our species and our world. They planted our seed here and they helped to develop it. They introduce things to assist in our development.
• Humans must regain their spiritual sovereignty. Humans are of Source like them. Not sinful.
• We are extremely close to going beyond reparable in terms of social and earthly stability. By that I mean we're shoving ourselves closer to extinction. I hate the grays with every fiber of my being but they have given me information I wish I did not have.
• We, as a whole, the human race, belongs to one another. We need to take responsibility for our actions and love one another.
• They are spiritually connected and the human experience is a spiritual progression.
• They are here to assist humanity in raising its vibrational frequency.
• There were also many cautionary remarks issued with regard to our stewardship of planet Earth. I was told that we have to preserve resources and if we don't, we will experience a decrease in population.
• We are poisoning our world and all that live on it. If we don't change the way we live as a species we all die.
• We are destroying our planet. They will interfere with force if we continue our aggression and war.
• Ice caps melting and endangered species dying off. It was incredibly difficult to watch.
• I was told that ecological catastrophic events were on the horizon due to exponential ef-fects of our neglect, abuse or misuse.
• I saw a barren earth. And I was told repeatedly about protecting nature and the im-portance of human unity.
• We, as a race, are burning through resources faster than we can renew them. Due to our arrogance, we will seek out resources elsewhere, but because we are arrogant and ego driven we'll try to acquire them at a heavy cost to other races.
• Humans will become extinct if they do not change their destructive and polluting ways.
• We are poisoning our world and all that live on it. If we don't change the way we live as a species we all die. We are not at the end of times; we are at the beginning of a New Age. So much cleansing needs to take place on the earth herself and in people. It's time to unite.
• Time does not exist. Death does not exist. At the core of our souls we are connected to everyone and everything. This is why ETs are here. We are children holding the creators gun and we need guidance. Everything we do affects everything in the universe on some level. Behind all of that is a secondary star to our sun that passes through our solar system every few thousand years. Think of it as nature’s checks and balances system. Because life resets every few millennia, Earth is a great place for breeding and molding new souls. It’s like a level you have to pass in a video game to make it to the next level.
• There is a global conspiracy to enslave what's left of the human race and keeping it under wraps until the day of judgement is their priority. Our govt's are in cahoots with certain ETs to this end. Nibiru, or wormwood the destroyer, is on approach and I was not en-lightened as to when it will reach us, but my gut says soon, and like many, it has said soon since before 2012. I feel my mission is to spread this truth as well as the spirituality and love that made pre-diluvium man so advanced. I had researched different aspects of religion, spirituality, history, and science after my first UFO sighting and dove in head first after witnessing one with my friend as an adult. During my experience in eternity I was shown things, things at the quantum and cosmic level. I can't describe it but when I "came back" it was instilled in me that everything I had experienced throughout my strange and pitiful life was to mold me for that one experience, and that everything I was on the edge of believing shown through as truth. I get atoms, bosons, gravitons, photons. I get how every particle acts as a wave and our consciousness makes them into particles. I know about the pineal gland and how it works within kundalini. I know and was shown the basic principles of the universe and yet I can't explain it properly, the closest explanation comes from my previous research and shows like "Rick and Morty". There is a great awakening occurring, I feel I am just one of many blessed with this experience to help in this move this mass awakening forward. Mass consciousness must change and ascend be-fore the destroyer returns, or what's left of humanity will suffer for ions to follow.

Discussion and Implications

Regardless of the causative factors behind their experiences and the attitudinal changes that occurred, a significant number of survey takers in all three groups indicated that they have benefited from their experiences. Only a small percentage of participants indicated that they have experienced highly negative contact. Overall, they have become more spiritual, more empathic, more psychic or intuitive, and less oriented toward aggression, negativity, and the acquisition of material goods.

There was a general trend toward advocacy for the preservation of our planet through in-creased concern for our environment. In addition to this, messages were offered that have been consistent with information conveyed by NHI dating back to the 1950s. Warnings against the proliferation of nuclear weapons continue. UFO researchers are already aware of the nuclear weapons facilities that have been taken offline in association with a UFO presence. The warning is clear and present.

Apart from these warnings, there appears to be a powerful spiritual message to humanity. It involves the attempted elevation of human consciousness to a higher level. We are informed that some will attain this goal, whereas others will not. It is a matter of knowledge and individual choice.

There appears to be distinct groups of experiencers among the participants in the MUFON Experiencer Survey. A statistically significant percentage of the survey takers believe they have been contacted by benevolent entities. Others believe that their experiences have been frightening or both positive and negative, depending upon the entity they interacted with.

The phase 2 “abductee group” reported statistically significant commonalities that are not as common among the phase 1 survey takers or the phase 2 “contactee group.” We should look upon them as a special group of individuals who have the characteristics of UFO abductees. They experience paranormal phenomena at a higher rate than the other 2 groups. They are highly spiritual. Many have been healed by what they believe are ETs. They are empathic and have increased psychic ability. They have had close encounters and observed NHI entities. They have been taken from their beds, but were awake and moving before paralysis set in. They find strange patterned marks on their bodies that they believe could not have self-inflicted. An increased rate of their family members has had the same experiences.

A small percentage of the survey takers have spoken of a different type of contact. Their experiences have been of a highly negative nature. They do not share the characteristics of the other participants in this survey. These wretched souls are repeatedly taken to a dreadful environment where they are physically and sexually abused or forced to train for what they believe is intergalactic war. They do not share the commonalities that other experiencers share.
Additional investigation of these highly negative experiencers should be carried out, to determine the cause of their troubles. Psychological testing might indicate a mental health concern. We must consider the possibility that they have attracted what is commonly thought of as demonic or negative interdimensional entities. Without further investigation, it is impossible to know the true source of their highly negative experiences. Personally, I cannot ignore this segment of the experiencer population. I have conducted extensive research seeking information on the causative factors and the solutions. This information has been presented at MUFON’s 2018 experiencer workshops.