KATHLEEN MARDEN’s amazing life as the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first scientifically investigated case of alien abduction, sent her on a lifelong search for the answers. Her personal struggle with the unknown has carried her through the twists, turns and glimpses of mysterious realities. Until now she has concealed her knowledge because certain powers threatened to stand in her way. The power of disinformation and ridicule runs deep in its mission to enforce pervasive ignorance and limit access to secret knowledge. Not only has she explored her own paranormal experiences, but she has also talked to thousands of UFO contact experiencers, worked on three major studies with them, and became an advocate for these greatly ridiculed people. Her journey took her deep into archival research and experimentation. She gained access to files that reveal remarkable evidence of the governments’ secret interest in communicating with our non-human visitors. Most fascinating, she and a team of researchers carried out a multi-year communication experiment in search of answers to their many questions on why extraterrestrials are visiting our planet, how long they have been here, and why they have been coveting Forbidden Knowledge. You’ll find the answers inside this fascinating book.

Book Review by Ian Campbell

"Forbidden Knowledge" is an absolute recommendation! This is a compelling read for those interested in UFOs, disclosure and alien abduction. But, what’s more, "Forbidden Knowledge" reveals instructives that “beings” share from beyond this earth plain, helping aid in humanity’s advancement – and ultimately in its survival. Fascinating chapters in the book are dedicated to what author Kathleen Marden and several others were able to discern from personal contact with “visitors”. Humanity has many lessons to learn. Our evolution, apparently, is of concern to beings from elsewhere.

Kathleen Marden has had a decades-long commitment to UFO research, making her a leading authority on the topic. I’ve read some of her earlier writings, and it’s evident that her driving force is in helping those who are looking to make sense of their own frightening and unexpected encounters with the unknown.

If it wasn’t for the intriguing phone call that Kathleen overheard, at thirteen years of age, between her mother and her aunt in 1961, I doubt she would have had the interest or passion to do the work she has done for decades – and continues to do.

The conversation Kathleen overheard was between her mother and Betty Hill. Betty and Barney Hill’s case was the first reported of alien abduction and missing time. Their story was so sensational that it became the subject of a bestselling book, followed by a movie made for television. The Hill’s experience was to be kept private. Betty and Barney saw no good coming from going public with a tale that was likely to cause ridicule and unwelcome intrusion into their quiet lives. Their story was leaked to the press . . . and subsequently world-wide attention was thrown their way.

Forbidden Knowledge is primarily the remarkable story of Kathleen Marden’s decision to finally jump off of the proverbial bridge she’d been perched on. For many years, she’s considered the cost vs. benefit of going public with her own encounters with aliens, their messages, craft, missing time and more. Her well established and respected reputation, she felt, could be at risk. Luckily for the reader, Kathleen makes the details of her encounters with UFOs, contact and other aspects of high strangeness public for the first time. I hadn’t known that she and other members of her family may have been “selected” – just as her aunt and uncle were, years before, by the “unknown”. Kathleen’s story exemplifies that old adage that “life is stranger than fiction”.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Forbidden Knowledge." Unlike the sensational accounts one might read that promote fear, this book relays messages and conversations from the “visitors”, offering a glimpse that they are kind and good. Kathleen Marden has come to learn that there is an outside force looking to help humanity evolve. One important message that Kathleen shares is that our technological advancements are out of sync with spiritual growth. I think this is true . . . and one can see that the gap has been increasing for a long while.

"Forbidden Knowledge" gives me a new way to look at the world around me. Kathleen Marden’s book speaks of hope . . . and it invites readers to start to do the necessary personal work required before we can effect positive change in this world . . . and ultimately, before we are allowed to learn of the amazing realms around us, awaiting our discovery.