Abduction Experiencer ET Technology Questionnaire

This questionnaire can best be answered by those who can recall their experiences on an alien craft.  We ask that you provide as much detail as possible when you answer this short questionnaire. Please copy the questions listed below to an email message or to MS Word or a similar program. Or contact Kathleen and she'll send send the questionnaire to you in an attachment. When you have completed the questionnaire, please paste it to an email message and mail it to Kmarden@aol.com. Your identity will remain anonymous and your questionnaire will be stored in a locked file. 

Abduction Experiencer E.T Technology Questionnaire

  1. Were you abducted from an external environment (driving, camping, hunting, etc), or from inside your home (living room, den, bedroom, etc.)? External Environment( ), Home( ), Other( ). Please explain.  

 2. Were you transported through a solid object such as a wall, window, roof, etc.? Yes( ), No( ). 

 3. What physical sensations did you experience during transport aboard the craft? 

 4. What, if anything, did you observe during your transport to the craft? 

 5. What mode of communication did the entities use with you? Telepathy( ), Voice( ), High tech communication device( ), other( ). Please explain.  

 6. Did you experience a sudden shift in mood during your initial transport, such as fear to calmness and familiarity? Yes( ), No( ). Please explain.

 7. Was a technological device used to control your behavior? Yes( ), No( ). If yes, please explain.

 8. Did you observe a screen or levers, buttons, etc. on the walls? Yes( ), No( ). If yes, please describe them and what they were used for. 

 9. Were you shown a holographic image? Yes( ), No( ). If so, where did it appear from and what did you see?

10. Did you feel that you were transported outside the Earth's atmosphere? Yes( ), No( ) If   yes, what do you recall of the experience and was a transport device used. If so, please describe. 

11. Were you given knowledge of the craft's propulsion or operational system? Yes( ), No( ). If yes, please explain what you were told.  

12. Did you observe this technology? Yes( ), No( ). If yes, please explain and sketch what you  observed.

13. Have you ever undergone a procedure on the craft that was unrelated to reproduction? If so, please describe.

14. What type/(s) of beings did you encounter on the craft? Tall Grays( ), Short Greys( ),  Reptilians( ),

      Insectoid( ), Nordic( ), Hybrid( ), Other. Please describe.

 15. Did you receive special knowledge about their physical composition? (e.g. biological, robots, cyborgs) Yes( ),

       No( ). Please explain. 

16. Did you observe symbols on the craft? Yes ( ), No ( ). If yes, please sketch them. (They will not be 

         published or displayed and will be kept in a locked file.) 


Thank-you again for contributing to our research.


Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner