2018 Conferences

January 2018
MUFON Cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas, January 6-11
Contact mike@holidaymakertravel.com 


February 2018

International UFO Congress Conference
February 14-18, 2018  
10438 N. Fort McDowell Rd.  
Ft. McDowell, AZ
Stanton Friedman and I will be at our vendor table.


June 2018
Alien Cosmic Expo
June 22-24, 2018
Toronto, Canada
Friday, June 22: Full Day Experiencer Workshops
Saturday, June 23: Kathleen's presentation on her most compelling abduction investigations at 9:00 AM 


July 2018
Roswell, NM, UFO Festival
July 6-8, 2018
International UFO Museum and Research Center
Lecture topics to be announced


MUFON International Symposium 
July 27-29
Crowne Plaza 
2349 Marlton Pike
Cherry Hill, NJ
Thursday, July 26: Field Investigator Training
Time to be announced: Kathleen Marden and Dr. Don C. Donderi present their statistical analysis on the MUFON ERT's Experiencer Survey and the API. This is a multi-year research study on more than 500 experiencers. 
Saturday, July 28: 7:30-9:00 AM-Experiencer Workshop for experiencers, the people who offer support to them, and MUFON Field Investigators who are interested in learning more about experiencers. If you want to share your story of contact with non-humans that you believe are of extraterrestrial origin, in a safe and supportive environment, this workshop is for you. A full hour will be set aside for sharing. Additionally, Kathleen Marden and Dr. George Medich will discuss the various types of contact and what to look for if you suspect you are an experiencer. Participants will take part in a relaxing meditation that can be used when contact is initiated. No press, photos, or recording devices allowed in this session.
Sunday, July 29: 7:30-9:00 AM-
"How to Resist an Alien Abduction" Kathleen Marden presents a slide show on a variety of methods that others have used successfully to end or curtail their alien abductions. Attendees will learn a method developed by Kathleen that will help experiencers to overcome their flight or fight response at the onset of the abduction experience. 30 minutes will be set aside for Q & A and comments from the audience. Dr. George Medich will join Kathleen to offer his expertise. This workshop is open to experiencers, those who support experiencers, and MUFON field investigators who are interested in working with experiencers.  No press, photos or recording devices allowed in this session.


August 2018

Kate Thorvaldsen's UFO Conference in Norway
August 3,4, & 5
September 2018
Exeter UFO Festival
Exeter Town Hall
Exeter, NH
September 1 & 2